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Quick fast are you going and what is your angle and range to target when the bomb seperates?
Are you climbing?
You can make the bomb miss the laser if you incorrectly loft, release too late, etc.

Not trying to insult or anything, but it is pretty hard to mess up since the laser cone is relatively lenient, but I have tossed bombs over my intended target.

Are you locking the ground "behind" the vehicle, or the ground below the vehicle? Are you masking the pod before impact(I assume not) or otherwise disrupt the lasing?

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Well the plot thickens cause I decided to try the attack on another target area, and using the same method scored 4 for 4 hits on the targets at the dam...I then switched to another aircraft (as I was out of gbu's) and reattacked the first waypoint target....MISS. So I don't understand what's going on at waypoint 1 that keeps throwing us out of wack.The interesting thing is ,It should be much more difficult to attack the dam then a flat open area such as waypoint1.BUT the simple fact that a 4 for 4 attack say's I'm doing it right.I,m gonna try again back.

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I give up!!!out of 4 weapon releases... 2 misses on waypoint one, 2 hits on dam.

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I must say I've had trouble with JDAMS like this.
Same procedure all times, sometimes 100%, others dropping well short. It's as if the GPS coordinates were deliberately set there (but they wern't).

These are on non-moving targets.
I've also accounted for slew angle - with maybe 10 meters off for the long range / lowish altitude (the hits were WAY more than any weird targetting issue).
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I'm glad you said this...we've been beating our heads against a wall regarding this issue. I gotta wonder if it's not the type of target that's causing the problem?

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I've been having major issues with LGBs as well, most if not all have been overshooting. I'm definitely not lofting them, as one person suggested, as I am level when dropping them. That is when they decide to release because I've been having the bombs get hung up when trying to release in auto mode. Before anyone asks the release quantity was set properly to 1.

I did read a thread somewhere saying it had to do with waypoint being selected and then deselecting it is a workaround. I'm not sure how true that is but I'm going to try it tonight.

It's odd that I'm not having issues with LGBs with any other aircraft such as the F-16C & A-10C.
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Originally Posted by Raven434th View Post
I've followed this procedure posted in the bug thread and I'm CONSISTENTLY MISSING THE TARGET BY 100-200 FEET.Same for other player in mission.



Master Arm ON
Select A/G
Select LGB
Release AUTO
CODE: **** (of your choice via UFC)

**If designating from your Litening pod, find target:

Make sure to toggle LTD/R to ARM
Make sure TRIG is "boxed" on FLIR DDI
TDC Depress (sets desired target that you have found via Litening pod)
Hold weapon release after release cue starts to drop (around 4 seconds).

Shortly after weapon releases:

Depress the trigger so indication on FLIR DDI goes from LARM to LTD/R (which is how you know the laser is firing). Maintain laser on target without masking from aircraft, remaining onboard ordinance, or terrain.

Boom. Target destroyed or damaged (depending on target and size of LGB).

I've tried this with BOTH holding the trigger and single press for LTD/R. My result is a MISS. Is there an issue with laser guiding on the hornet?
Looks like my "quick guide" that I posted in another thread trying to help another who was having issues hitting their target(s) in the Hornet.....

Aside from the above guidance - if you are a relatively large slant angle, you want to make sure to target the bottom of your desired impact point. I have noticed that some buildings - the weapon likes to "pass" thru, say, a comms tower - or sometimes another type of building.

Currently (as of the most recent release of open beta version) - something has gone amiss with the employment and delivery of A/G weapons in the Hornet (not sure about other aircraft). So currently - there might be more issues going on that can lead to some faulty or unnecessary troubleshooting. However, at the time of your original post - things were functioning as expected.

1. So makes me wonder what slant angle was being achieved or desired - possibly point of designation for the TGP's laser?

2. Do you possibly have the ""WYPT" boxed on the HSI or the SA Page? If so - deselect that as it has seemed to interfere with proper desired release and impact of A/G ordinance in the Hornet (for myself and some others).

Away from home base, so unable to see the track file or provide any other assistance currently, aside from keyboard warrior bit.


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