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Originally Posted by McRuffen View Post
Ok, so if the FLCS doesn't limit G's even though it has data about what stores you have, how can I as a pilot know how many G's I can pull with X amount of bombs, Y% fuel in external tanks and so on? Would I need charts and tables for each possible external stores config and look up in a new spot whenever I drop ordnance or use fuel, or is there a standard max G like "just never exceed 5 Gs with any A/G ordnance or external fuel and you'll survive"?
They have a book for any authorized stores loading. They can see what the MAX G is and what position the Stores config need to be in. Also with lots of stores after a certain fuel stat they may pull more G's.

That book is about 1500 pages thick
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Each load configuration has limits in symmetrical load, asymmetrical load, speed, Mach, etc. They can also be different for carriage, jettison, and normal release. You can see why it is said a fully-trained fighter pilot has the equivalent of a PhD education. I think most restrictive limits would be marked on knee board for one or more expected loading states as a reminder.
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