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Default What Flight Stick would you recommend?

I'm looking to pay up to no more than $200 US. And will be mostly for the Viper. - Thanks!
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I have and strongly recommend the Thrustmaster Warthog Flight Stick...it's practically an exact replica and very high quality. Right now, it's $250 on Amazon if you can stretch your budget a little higher.

There is the Logitech X56 for $226, but that is stick and throttle that can't be purchased separately unless found used on eBay. It has a great amount of buttons and hat switches though.

The Thrustmaster T16000 FCS is well within your budget, but doesn't have nearly enough buttons/hat switches.

CH Products Fighterstick is $120 and is a replica of the F-16 stick; however, it is a bit dated and uses older hardware/software. Many people love it though.
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For under $200 --- No doubt you want the Logitech X-56.

As mentioned, it is a stick + throttle combo (2 separate units).. But be warned --- the throttle is a bit of a lottery in terms of longevity. Some have had it last for years. Others have had it die in a few. But I have not heard of any complaints of the stick itself. I myself had one for a few years till I upgraded.

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I would skip the Thrustmaster Warthog unless you can buy one for $150 or so. It makes a convincing appearance of quality on the outside. And it feels really good in the hand. But it is no better than the X-56 at any rate. Maybe worse, in fact, if you are into precision flying (horrible stiction).

Full disclosure: I had the X-56 for a few years till the throttle died. Then went to the TM Warthog + 20cm Sahaj extension. Then went to the VKB Gunfighter II. The difference in precision between the X-56 and TM Warthog itself was non-existent. What DID make a HUGE difference was the extension. Then when I went to the VKB I realized what a precision controller really was.

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I just checked Amazon, the warthog stick and throttle is $373.00. The stick only is $299.00

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Thanks pilots!
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If you are going to be in it for the long haul, spend the money and get a Virpil base--smooth as butter--and a stick grip of your liking. I realize it is out of a lot of our means, but if you CAN afford it, you will not be sorry.

I just got the Virpil warbird base and TM Hornet stick grip in the last month or so which ended up costing me ~$500, but I believe it will be MORE than worth it.

Add the TM TWCS throttle for ~$90 and I'm stoked as it has enough buttons on it for what I believe I need... Bit of stiction on the throttle, but I loosened it almost all the way up and that solved most issues. I usually run it back and forth a few times before a flight to get it "loosened up", though.

This ain't a cheap hobby, as I am sure you are WELL aware of!!!
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I have to agree about the Virpil. I’ve had most of the joysticks on the market and recently bit the bullet and bought a Virpil. Now I know how a joystick is suppose to feel. I can finally land my Huey consistently and realize why I was always frustrated before. As for the X55/56, I actually love the throttle. I guess I was lucky, it has lasted for years. The stick on the other hand was never precise and made it difficult to do any precision runs. It was fine for Elite Dangerous but felt crappy in DCS.
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For $200 - staying away from Saitek QC quirks, an "HOTAS":

Gladiator Mk.II ~$85 (PRO: contacless sensor in X,Y and twist axes - CON: limited buttons on grip)
Thrustmaster TWCS throttle ~$ 80 (PRO: analog mini-stick - CON(?): single engine throttle)

Stick only

Gladiator Mk.II ~$85 + SCG grip upgrade $100 = $ 185 - Nothing better for this price.

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Is there a way to get a Virpil base with the Warthog grip?
Wouldn't hit the buget, just curious since so many people talk about it.
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Save your money until you can afford the virpil. I use the virpil t50 base with the TM F18 grip. It's fantastic
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