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Default Limited Padlock for Multiplayer

I would like servers to have a limited padlock function where you can tell the direction of enemy planes but only if they are outside visual range. Once you are within visual range (or slightly outside) the padlock view would stop functioning so that it doesn't turn into a dogfighting cheat. Either that or having ground control respond to requests for enemy contacts bearings and ranges.

We need to find each other more easily given the relatively small numbers are MP.
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More for the possibility to set a GCI that can give you some info about enemy formation. Like you can see in battle of britain movie
Radar find ennemy (restriction from radar of that time)
Info send to control
Control send info to plane

I simplified it but it would be awesome. But this would be a enormous system I think. Would be really nice for campaing or big ww2 server.

Some server have a similar scripted system to give you position of ennemy in some area now.
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