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You probably shouldn't tease the OH-58 unless you're 100% sure it's going to come to DCS.

Be good if it does though.
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Originally Posted by MrDieing View Post
Guys! Where are the pitchforks and torches? They said they are going to make a civil aircraft, riot we must! Or you must, because I would actually like a civil helo :$

... Therefore, we want to branch into the interesting realm of civilian aviation and hopefully see some of our loyal customers on other platforms. ...
They are also thinking about Kiowa.

You really had confused everything, especially if you don't see a difference. Please don't spread the mess from other part of the forum.
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Kiowa Is a must have for dcs. Would immediately get it.
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Originally Posted by firmek View Post
Excuse my French, I misread a little bit. But it still counts what I said.. Sort of..
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Thanks for the update! Nice looking Kiowa.
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Thanks 4 the update !
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Here you can find a cockpit picture and a super little interview.


in know this was posted before but I guess it was not pointed out that you can see the inside of it.

Currently we have no data availabe of the ammount of forward pitch in terms of angles, cause nobody in the world in the 80ties ever thought this might be important for a flightgame, that is what the military sees in DCS and other sims, at least the people we talked to.
I hope we ca gather the data somehow next year being at the actual aircraft. But no promises. Still we will talk about this in our team and 2018 has not even begun but we already have some plan for this as backup

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Thanks for the update Borchi. I really enjoy the Gazelle and some people should remember that they got a module with two sub-variants for the price of one. Take you the time needed to get the hands on hard data. Or better said with the former signature of Tharos:
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I could go for a Kiowa. Reminds me of the old Longbow 2 days.
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One of my hobbies is to find out all kind cockpit controls layouts and design reasons behind them....

"Kiowa Warrior"

So, it will be a "long winter" to wait the Kiowa to arrive, if it will.... Insta buy from me too....

Soon we have lots of great modules from western side so many, that I really want someone jump on next module from Soviet era like Su-25SM or Su-25T from ED with full clickable cockpit (unless get us Mig-27M).

Edit: I recall to say that Kiowa for scouting is the next thing coming soon as it was so nicely visible on one video from ED....

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