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Default ALT SCE + engine performance questions


I read in an older forum thread that the ALT SCE switch functionality is not modeled for the A-10C. Is this still true? I know there's a HUD/IFFCC menu for the Delta mode updates (if I'm not mistaken), but I'm not sure if it's actually functional either. If the switch is not modeled, are the calculations / solutions just based on the actual correct values of altitude / target range / etc?

Out of curiosity, is this switch actually still relevant for A-10Cs with DTS, since (I assume) the (target) ranging is performed (passively) by the DTS?

Regarding the engine, I went over the long threads regarding the performance issue (disclaimer: I know that ED won't be changing anything regarding the engine performance, so I'm not trying to re-ignite the subject) and from what I read, people mostly focused on ITT being lower than what it should be. I did some tests and what I saw was that there was a hard limit on N2 RPM at ~94% at MAX throttle (that's the only constant thing regarding engine performance in all pressure / temperature conditions). Can anyone confirm if this is true for the real engines? Wouldn't a hard cap on N2 RPM explain the lower performance (ITT, PTFS, etc)? (second disclaimer: I have no idea how the game models the engines, so this might be complete nonsense).

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