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View Poll Results: How often do you fly medium/heavy bombers
Almost all the time 13 7.22%
Most of the time 18 10.00%
As often as other types (fighters, fighter/bombers, attack aircraft) 66 36.67%
Rarely/ when something new comes out 54 30.00%
Never 29 16.11%
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Huh. I was trying to be a smartass because I didn't know we could.
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Default hmm

I love flying bombers, but as far as I can tell the heaviest bomb a player-controlled plane can load is a 500kg. The game features much larger bombs but as far as I can tell we can't employ them. (please correct me if I'm wrong)

I'd be the first in line to buy a heavy bomber module. I'm talkin' strategic bombing. Carpet bombing. Terror bombing. Kaboom.

Any plans to this effect, ED?
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Holy thread revive there Meneliki, not far off 4 years!
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Old thread yes, I don't think the Normandy map is big enough for any large bombers unless air starts or AI controlled flights are used. Most of the map is water, taking off out of England there is not much to choose from for airfields, and all on the coast. Once you took off you would be climbing for altitude till almost at you target which also would be near the coast in France. And then have to do a quick u turn as not to fly off the map. The bombers would be good but a much much bigger map is needed and a lot more players to make it worth while. Bombers don't last in the air with cannon shells from fighters blowing them out of the sky, and people will stop flying them after being constantly shot down.
Still be nice to have.
Will have to crank up the microprose mighty eighth for a b-17 bomber fix. The map size in that in DCS would be perfect, but dreaming i recon .
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A lot of B-26s and Mosquitos were used during the early phase to help with the coastal defences missed by the high alt heavies because of the cloud cover. With these added, we would not have any problem with climbing to altitude as they both flew very low under the clouds plus the size of the map is not an issue because they did not go far inland on their strikes.

Of course the biggest thing missing is the Typhoons. A shame as few simulators include them because they mostly belong in Normandy battles.

ps YES! I would dearly love to fly B26 or Mosquito and leave the spit & P51 on the ground.
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Originally Posted by Revvin View Post
I used to love bombing in Warbirds and Aces High and would fly them in RRG's sim if the terrain is big enough. Terrain size was one of drawbacks in IL-2 for decent medium-high bombing

Me too, flew all the bombers in Aces High, the 1st decade of 2000. Came to DCS in 2011 and still. Just went back to Aces High---their online MP on a weekend night can be over a hundred guys! While the Europe servers are sleeping, Texas, USA is still awake!

I like both sims.

A B-17 mission sortie from England to a European target and return can take hours! Aces High gets into it, real immersion.

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All this talk about B-17's... Am I the only Ju-88 fanboy on this forum?
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You're most certainly not.
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Originally Posted by WHOGX5 View Post
All this talk about B-17's... Am I the only Ju-88 fanboy on this forum? here too!

Cant wait for the AI Ju-88 to come out, something new and different to shoot at with the Spitfire
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Here other bomber lover. Waiting is sometime see a A-20G fliable

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