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there maybe other sims that have feature complete WW 2 but gues what, i personally still prefer flying dcs WW 2. DCS has the most amazing flight model ever made for mankind in all space ... i dont play it because its feature complete, its because i enjoy it.

god, give me vr please - i promise ill be a good boy~

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There are better Multiplayer platforms than DCS. But nothing can compare to DCS in regards to aircraft fidelity, simulation and feel.

You will find great Multiplayer community in DCS but a lot of times it can be frustrating as DCS is simply not in a good spot when it comes to support of stable and epic encounters. The lack of tools for creating large, stable and dynamic multiplayer environment is what DCS lacks the most. And to be honest with how long it takes to implement new things in DCS, we are still looking at more than few years before some of these aspects will be "resolved".

So depending on what you are looking for, if the technical aspect of simulation, realism of the flight model and realistic cockpit instruments are the things you enjoy, then DCS will be enjoyable for you. If you are more into dynamic multiplayer campaign with a lot of human players, then you may be disappointed.

I cannot comment on the VR aspect of the game as I did not have the chance to experience that yet.
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