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Default Ground Vehicle Ammo Replenishment Unavailable; Seemingly at Random

And example of what I mean by the title:

I set up an ammunition depot right beside a ground vehicle. I empty the vehicle of ammo and while literally touching the fence of the depot hit LAlt \. Sometimes (rarely) my vehicle will start the rearming process, the vast majority of the time I will simply see "Unable to start ammo replenishment: ammunition is not available."

What I have also tried:
Ammo Depot + FARP Ammo dump + CP Vehicle + Ural-375 + GPU Truck + Fuel Truck + Ammo Depot supplied by airfield.

The ammo depots in question always have the default unlimited stockpiles for simplicity.

Does anyone have any ideas or a test mission I could try to see what I am missing?
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I've had this same issue, I didn't have any luck figuring it out.
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Check out this post by Grimes.
Air bases are the big warehouses with everything. An example is that the Hawk system or an Abrams will replenish itself as long as it's on the base circular area on the map editor. I think that circular area defines the maximum distance. Also coalition specific so you can't rearm a red vehicle on a blue base (I know you are already aware of this). I think that some vehicles can only be supplied by certain vehicles or warehouses. It seems kind of complicated and it would be nice to have a list of what can replenish what.
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