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Old thread, but I would love to know the joystick/curve settings that they felt were realistic.

We had our local airshow this past weekend (The Great Tennessee Air Show in Smyrna TN) and "Quicksilver" did a demo. Man I love the sound of the P-51.
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Hi, guys!

Question for you, is it normal for the P-51 to bounce when the P-51 touchdown & what is a three point landing? Thanks!

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Originally Posted by Vinny002 View Post
Question for you, is it normal for the P-51 to bounce when the P-51 touchdown & what is a three point landing? Thanks!
This thread is old, so I will just answer for you now and let other people tell me I am wrong later.

Bouncing on landing means your vertical speed was too high. If you get the flare just right then you can land without a bounce. As long as you can stop safely without damaging the plane then don't worry about it too much. You will get better with practice.

A three point landing is when the tail wheel touches the ground at the same time as the main gear. Some people might insist it is the "correct" way to land, but it is easier to lose control and damage the plane that way. I figure if it is correct to take off on two wheels, then I might as well land on two wheels. Just do whichever you feel more comfortable with.
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Hi, VincentLaw!

That makes sense! Thanks for the explanation!

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You can have trackir working. Just put it facing down and put a recliner below it. If they wear glasses, balaclava is your friend, or even better, put those little plastic frame shutters on holiday goggles. Of course I'm kidding! Say a constable passes by and spots them, we get an instagram tag #IRA SNATCHERS ON RECLINERS WITH SHUTTER EYES. Buhahaha!!!

Originally Posted by Pman View Post
I spent abit of time talking to Ed and Dan after their flight, they were both very impressed. To quote Dan "you will not get much closer, unless your in my airplane"

Everything in the sim was turned on. We didnt have Track IR working as the hangar door was open and the light was interfering.

We also had Steve Hinton, Steve Hinton Jr as well as a few other pilots fly the sim and they were all very impressed.

Steve Hinton Jnr was a big fan and was talking about the sim quite alot over the course of both weekends.

They all tried things like the neg g push, wing stalling, wing buffetting and they were impressed with each and every thing they tried to catch the sim out with. What more can we say? hehe

One of the best things about the weekend was being able to speak to the real Stang pilots and compare what they thought of the sim vs the real experience.

We are back in September to meet up with some of the pilots, cant wait to see what they think then!


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yea big difference there real 51 ones and not a dam game ,Really not even in same league ,being a real pilot my self sorry games not even close ,strap your ass in a war bird for a ride if you ever get a chance and find out for you self !!., don't get me wrong I love the Simms it not the real thing .close
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" To quote Dan "you will not get much closer, unless your in my airplane""
That's why they are called "simulations".
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While it's nice that they complimented the sim...of course they are going to say it's nice. I think they'd have something different to say if they were into flight simming as we all are and flew it on a regular basis. I don't mean they'd say it's awful, but they'd see things that they aren't going to notice when they are grabbed from a show and sat down to try something they aren't really interested in.
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Round two! This weekend, Ed Shipley of the Bremont Horsemen flew the VEAO simulations P-40F Kittyhawk with the Oculus rift on our stand at Flying Legends:

It was fantastic to meet up with all the Horsemen pilots over the weekend once again
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What did he say about the Rift and the added realism?
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