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I've uploaded a new version to the original post. Most of the changes were moving systems from lua to EFM but I've also decreased the pitch force when at high speed.

0.2 16 June 2020
- Added M880 digital clock display
- Removed some unused key commands + fixed missing view commands for joystick
- Moved engine and electric system from lua to EFM to provide better working example
- Reduced pitch back at high speed
- Cleaned up source code and reorganized
- Updated DCS API (wHumanCustomPhysicsAPI) with newest version

There is someone who is currently in the process of texturing the external but no time frame on when that could be done.

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Hi nibbylot,

Thanks for all the hard work so far. Having a Helicopter EFM Open Source is such a great thing! Pretty sure you have many contributors or people that wanna help in this project :]. If any other aid in shading and texturing is necessary, I would be happy to collaborate in case my help is also welcome :].


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Hello, nibbylot!
Thanks for your grate job! I found some sadly bug: when Increase N1 RPM to 100% and get above 100%, the N1 RPM return to 60%. With it go down the power of engine.
And some one else: when Increase N1 RPM to 100%, the chopper begin turn on the spot. But the engine control knob stay on start position (by 0).
I'm looking forward next update your great mod!
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Default installation on stable release


Thank you for your job.
I put the folder in my saved game/..... like other mod. But it won't appear in the editor.
Is there any problem with the last stable DCS's version?
thank you
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Hello there
Love your work and and I am very happy that someone is making a mod that can help other people start modding DCS.

Have you ever thought about starting community guide for DCS modding? Something similiar that ARMA community has, a wiki where everyone could check different aspects of modding DCS.
If such a thing exists already, sorry for me not knowing about it
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There was a guide made a few years back.

But a wiki would be far more better than guides I think.
General 3D modeling thread and reference sites
UK liveries for planes, ships and MODS.
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I'm really glad that the project is in development.
How to create a basic template?
Please add control the RPM on the axis.

Thank you for the update of the AH-6J.
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Thank you for this great mode.

The modification make it even more realistic.

I will follow your progress
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this is pretty sweet project!
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Just took my first Helo flight in this, have to say it was great. couple things I noticed:
I cant get the ground crew to rearm on the instant action missions, is this a limitation of the lack of access to the comms SDK? -Figured out I need to shut down.
Theres no axis for throttle.
If you throttle over 100% it reverts to 50% this can be embarrassing.

Having never flown a helo before I couldnt comment too much on the flight model beyond once I got it going forward it was great fun and showed that my collective works nicely so I will be doing some more time in your Littlebird until the Kiowa launches

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