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You prove to us that you have improved over the Gazelle and I am guarenteed to buy it. Please make us regret our doubts!
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Originally Posted by Polychop Simulations View Post
. We have to point out that at this moment, no contract has been signed yet but the latest draft is one we think all parties can agree to. With a contract on the table that is acceptable for all parties involved, the time has come for us to share with you the status of development.
You've not actually signed a contract?! You people really don't learn do you? Surprised ED haven't stopped you putting this out tbh.

Hope it all works out though! Will be a fun module hopefully if it's up to par.
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Very Exciting.

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Originally Posted by iFoxRomeo View Post
Good choice. Now I'm really really curious about the FM.

It mostly plays country rock.
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Before the buy,I would like to see the gazelle receive this new flight model upgrade, and then I know how much I want this so is it preorder or purchase only after few bigger updates....

The reason is simply that too many studios at this moment has modules out for years that are not ready. And ED is taking their (too) good time to develop core features and functions of DCS world, like weather, that too many things are starting to feel half made through.

I would like to see smaller studios to show more examples to others that progress is made first to released modules before bringing new ones in full development.

And now I am worried that the contract has not yet even gone through the lawyers table, as anything can happen before names are on the line.
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First. Day. Preorder. I'm all in.
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Exiting News! This will be a nice addition. Good luck on the project - my wallet is prepared.
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I'll buy it. This heli will give a good perspective of the battlefield.
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B206 was my old office so some affinity there.

The OH-58D is THE helicopter I've been wanting since the days of Longbow....
please Polychop - don't f@#k this up...
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