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Default Su-25 /25T Quality non free DLC Needed

Hi guys and Devs !!

I just love DCS world and DLC campaigns with voice overs and quality is amazing. I love everything about SU-27 ,KA-50 and brand new A-10C campaign. But what about Su-25 ? My favorite plane is Su-25T I simply love everything about it. Weapons, handling, way it looks and flys.

I really would like to see some paid quality campaign. I Wouldn't mind paying for it $15-$20 at all. IS there anything that is in the works at all ?
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im about Su25T DLC campaign also!!!!!

make the some DLC cooperative Su25T also... i place my bet that it will be a hit for Virtual Reality Headset users, being that its a FC3 aircraft that doesnt need clickable cockpits, and the Su25T is already free, once the Oculus rift and HTC vive hits the markets, ppl will look for content, and i believe FC3 level planes and associated DLC is most accessible to these users,

and obviously, a social cooperative experience will just make it more immersive!!
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I'd like to see a Su-25 or Su-25T with PFM.
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It already got an AFM.
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A new campaign for Su-25/Su-25T would be awesome!
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I think they should first improve the Su-25A and Su-25T by fidelity. Like make the IT-23M to look more of a CRT television, make it lower resolution (instead follow the mirror resolution so having "1024 Every Frame" option is possible), make the Shkval have the 23x magnification while "Mercury" have just the 5x magnification. "Prichal" should be maybe little less reliable.

And then of course the Shkval should not be automatically locking to targets (IIRC as in reality) and the tracking should be far less reliable when line of sight is lost to target (trees or such in a way).

And then add the 6-DOF cockpit (haven't seen that yet... tried the server mod but without success) and get then the campaign and new contents for it!

A-10C got a new campaign just while back, but Su-25T not :/

Oh and I would like to know should the Su-25T HUD have any adjustments?
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Originally Posted by Abburo View Post
Long way to that. Current OR and clones are fighting human senses too hard. I will bet more on Microsoft Hololens to achieve VR interactivity without brain damage. However that one is still a baby technology too.

BTW: SU-25-T/A are my favourite planes too
Current VR is fighting human senses to hard? I dont know what you are talking about there, but its not true...

Why would you use Holo whatever, it will just be another screen you look at, as you do now..

I use Oculus, and your senses dont fight it, you are in a 3D world, just like sitting in the plane.... Hell i can even walk around the plane on the ground and look at it....
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campaign, dlc, paid, su-25

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