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Justin Case
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Now I know and I'll leave this thread.
Thank you!
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It seems to work.

4 drop tanks + full fuel.

-50 minutes at 95% throttle at low altitude, gauge steady at full 3000 lbs.
-OuBd tanks empty lamps goes on. gauge starts to drop.
-jettison outboard tanks, switch to inner drop tanks, gauge goes back to full 3000 lbs.
-experiment stop

This, I think, is how it's supposed to work by the original Flight Manual (page 1-20, 1-21 and diagram on page 1-24).
Fuel is always drawn from the lower forward fuselage double cell. All other tanks (including drop tanks) keeps filling the lower forward cell (yes, fuel is pressed up into forward upper double cell and drops by gravity when every other tank is empty).

Note (see manual), fuselage tank is split in 5 parts. A forward connected double cell on top of each other, an aft cell and one cell in each wing root. Forward (upper) cell is always kept topped up (20 gallon empty) for center of gravity purposes. This since version -25 and upwards (ie including DCS -35 version).

I did at first another test a 20000-40000 feet. It seemed to work differently at altitude but I may have fumbled it. No patience to redo it right now.

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