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Default Why are we getting Datalink of this is a Block I?


The fighter lacks the data link and air to air refuelling capacity or the enhanced avionics, payload and electronic warfare systems of the later Block II variants, but are less costly than their successors which entered production in December 2013. Fifty JF-17 Block I fighters were manufactured from 2007, and the aircraft are considered the least costly fourth generation fighters ever to be manufactured.
^-- Flat out says Block I did not have Datalink like Block II


Future versions of the China-Pakistan jointly developed FC-1 Xiaolong (also known as JF-17 Thunder) will possess advanced data link and electronic warfare capabilities, and be equipped with new-type guided weapons.
^--- Indicates that prior to 2014 (which is Block I) they did not have Datalink (Source is also from Pakistan)


Dongxu claimed with the new upgrades, he expects the “JF-17 Block 3 to match an improved version of the F-16 fighter jet.” He added the proposed upgrades would also allow the JF-17 to share information with “other platforms”, hinting at the addition of a datalink system.
^--- Shared Datalink not till Block III it sorta sounds like? (Quote from China)

So I am confused, are we getting a Block 2 or Block 1?
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