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Wow, those renders are amazing and thats without proper textures, imagine how good the finished cockpit will look....
Keep up the good work there's money here set aside for this one!
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Thanks for the update - I think we´ll get another high quality module incoming

The renders are looking pretty good - would be nice to see some wireframes too if it´s possible.
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I'm very Exited !! Amazing work
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Absolutely Amazing! LNS
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Awesome work so far.

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Originally Posted by YoYo View Post
Good modelling with additional parts!

Crg Cobra!!! Looks amazing but I dont see Su-22 preview ; D.
But, that's an F-15 model?
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Y E S ! ! !


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Uau Cobra, the work is getting spectacular. Congratulations to the entire team of LN.
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