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That was some great fun. Too bad it ended too soon for me due to lagfreezedeath but I doubt I would have survived long anyway. Great stuff with us three Swedes in Viggens going up against what we think are 3v5 odds with us having an advantage in positioning just to later find out we furballed with half the enemy team

My highlights can be seen here. Contains Swedish. You have been warned:
Callsign: "Shooter"
Modules: Flaming Cliffs 3, A-10C Warthog, AJS 37 Viggen, F-5E Tiger II, UH-1H, MI-8TV2, KA-50 Black Shark, SA342

Youtube Playlist
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Thank you for the event. I had tested the SRS and it worked allright, but after I rebooted, my ip changed and port forwarding did not work anymore. I could transmit, but not receive. Anyway, I thank 104th for hosting the event.

See you tomorrow for the SRS set up.

All the best,

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It was really nice to fly Red flag again... I cannot wait for the next one

thx to all involved!
=37.Sqn= Black Squares
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Thanks again Lads, Short but sweet lol
Please keep them up!!!!

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Excellent event, many thanks and congratulations to all the pilots who participated
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I'm not happy. Yorz shot me down..

It was supposed to be the other way around
"See, to me that's a stupid instrument. It tells what your angle of attack is. If you don't know you shouldn't be flying." - Chuck Yeager, from the back seat of F-15D at age 89.
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