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Originally Posted by BIGNEWY View Post
Yes you will require a key to host on a dedicated server.

When ED have news on the progress of the dedicated server they will share it, but it is not the priority at the moment.
This is unspecific. You need to say;

You will need to purchase a "DEDICATED" license key to run a DEDICATED server. If you wish to join as a CLIENT from your primary game machine you will need an additional key to do so.
Otherwise its still an unknown because based on what Wags stated. Its not clear.

Its perfectly clear from his statement that a key will be needed no "matter what" to host assets and maps. I do remember seeing a question along the lines of "can I serve the map without owning it?" Which WAGS question Answers. I don't think people looking for clarification are worried about that. Its more along the lines of hey do I need TWO licenses to do a dedicated SERVER and play with my game machine (CLIENT) on said server?

This had a direct impact on me and a friend because we now don't allow other players on our map on NTTR because we can't dedicate a server which we do have available. The reason being performance issues on the serving CLIENT.

Neither of us are going to bother to buy another license to serve up missions on the weekend. Ever. Its a bother for us, and I can truly see why others are concerned by this and want a specific answer.

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Originally Posted by John Hargreaves View Post
Watching Wags livestream, one thing that stood out, given that the map generally looks beautiful and I can't wait to get my hands on it, was the lack of 'life' down below. Harbours were empty of ships and traffic, so I wonder if there will be more AI activity going on or will we have to provide it ourselves in the mission editor?
You know what is funny, even a novice noticed it as well. On Sat night me and my girl watched the GGG fight on the projector(11ft screen size) and after I checked out the Non-live live stream replay and while watching it my girl said, "where's the life? Aren't there birds and sheep/animals and people anywhere?"

I just shook my head no with a grimace.

She said "oh, that's too bad"

I did point out that I am sure most live stock was long dead or eaten or similar. War time after all.

She did say the 17 was pretty and liked it's glass nose.

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Maybe they're leaving it up to the user/mission designer to populate the map as they would like? Tanks/Troops/Trains/ Civilian Traffic? The Assets pack is still WIP so this could explain the emptiness of life.

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John Hargreaves
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I guess it's a bit of the uncanny valley effect, so that the more realistic a computer simulation becomes, the more you start to notice the tiny nuances and differences. There would definitely be activity down below in those ports and harbours just after D-Day though, even if it was just a random selection of civilian craft so as not to spoil the 'WWII sandbox' idea. I hope we can place water craft in those harbours in the mission editor though, it can sometimes be a bit sniffy about what can go where, and if we can only put ships out in open sea then it might lose a bit of atmosphere.
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SoW Reddog
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What date is the Normandy Map nominally representing?
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Originally Posted by SoW Reddog View Post
What date is the Normandy Map nominally representing?
No exact date. Its 1944 nominal after D-Day but this map has also 3 seasons. So its a bit more flexible.

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Regarding the airfields present on the map they said they were aiming for late summer '44.
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Originally Posted by PicksKing View Post
No exact date. Its 1944 nominal after D-Day but this map has also 3 seasons. So its a bit more flexible.
Why is there no winter season? No time to do the snow textures? Waggs sort of touched on it in the stream, he said that the winter season would be very similar to the autumn season.
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Some winters in Northern France are very mild so it's not unrealistic for the winter to just be a colder, wetter autumn.
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winter season does not have to necessarily mean snow anyway, I have not seen a snow covering for years here in the UK
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