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Default Activation/Deactivation Process Obsolete!

Hi all,

This is specially for the ED team.

DCS as expanded way beyond from the first days of LOMAC/FC. We now days have multiple modules either produced by ED or third parties.

With this growing the current activation/deactivation process is quickly becoming obsolete.

Anyone who have had to format the disk know that is a time consuming process to deactivate all the modules and sometimes just don't do it.

The reverse also applies, with the difference that is obligatory to do it if you want the modules active.

I don't have advanced knowledge in what the process involved in the StarForce is but I assume that by this time it should be different as you have a login inside DCS executable and the modules owned are showed there.

By now I only have a few activation left due to this problem, except in one module, Mig-21 which got replenished.

But that is not the problem since if you run out of activations, this will happen, unless you have to insert the keys for different versions of DCS, in that case you will have to wait one month to be able to active, but I am not sure if that happens.

So, is it possible to ED to create a new activation/deactivation system more current and less time consuming?

Thank you for your attention on this matter.

Kind regards.
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+1, for sure not a high prio, but something to be improved
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I think this would be very simple for them.

You log into your account from the module manager - they know what you have purchased. You may install the modules you have purchased.

If someone else logs in the same account and tries to download something that has been downloaded already the download is denied - and if it is a genuine customer, they can easily contact support.

Maybe have one activation code for the account in addition to the password.

tbh I've been wondering why they didn't do this with DCS World 2 from the start.

In addition, I just installed and activated all my modules yesterday and today I have a problem with my O/S and now have to deactivate them all again and then reactivate once i have reinstalled. Again.

This will be my last activation for a couple of the modules, too - will I have to wait a month if I need to reinstall?
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Smile +1 PLEASE read this...

PLEASE for the love of God get rid of this activation per module system as it is now.

I Completely agree with having an "account" of sorts that allows you to login and simply use your purchased modules.

My damn Windows 10 system has given me MULTIPLE errors of "System Thread Handler xxxxx" problems and have ALWAYS resulted in me needing to completely REFORMAT and REINSTALL my Windows 10..

This obviously requires me to re-download ALL the modules + Nevada...

MOST Importantly I NEVER GET THE CHANCE TO DEACTIVATE the modules because windows is UN-Bootable and therefore EACH TIME I re-install windows, re-download the modules and RE-Install the modules it requires me to RE-Activate which DECREASES my remaining activations...

Please fix this / Change this silly system.

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Yes, I've just gone through the deactivate/activate dance twice - for 19 modules! It is the epitome of tedium - but I'd just like to say thanks to support for helping me out after the previous post
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