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Really nice screen shots. Any chance we can see it by night?
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Wow this looks awesome.
Heres hoping thats where I will be spending my Christmas break....

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Nice work!
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Have to agree I'm not a fan of the bloom, but I'm STOKED for some Nellis test range flying!

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Thanks for the update Wags. Keep up the hardwork; cant wait to see the final product.

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Wow thanks for the update Wags. I cant wait to get to fly round here, Already got my order with the wife, to let me get a TM warthog, Just for this sim. Havent been this excited about a sim since umm lets see, BlackShark Just wondering, if its gonna be released worldwide at the same time, Or are we gonna have to do the russian runaround again. Not that I regret doing it for one moment with BS.

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Originally Posted by rehtnap View Post
Spilled fluids e.g. hydraulic, JP-8, and other various fluids.
Figured that would be the answer. They seem too soft on their border though. Hopefully the final will have them looking a bit more grounded.
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What exactly does bloom do? I thought it was just a blurring effect for lights. I dont see anything wrong with the pics that suggest the HDR is no good. Thanks for the great pics.

I must say Im extremely impressed with how much ED keeps their fans in the progress loop on a regular basis. Keep up the great work.
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Me can't waits to fly!
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outch !!!reallly nice works here!!! i wanttttttttttttt !!!!!!!!

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