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Looks great!! Any chance of a few people here and there? Even just some static figures hanging around would be neat.
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Pics are quite pretty, but HDR will be off I think in my case.

Baracks look nice, I like them.
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Very nicee!!
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Wow! Looks great!!! Can't wait!!
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Awesome stuff.....
Looks great.
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I realize its a WIP. What are the black cloudy areas on the ground? Concrete looks amazing, but the earth looks just blurry and low res. I hope the ground detail matches the runway detail in the final.

Stop showing those amazing F15. Will get the fighter jocks begging for DCSE again. Also see some F16 in there. Are those new models too?
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Originally Posted by power5 View Post
What are the black cloudy areas on the ground?
Spilled fluids e.g. hydraulic, JP-8, and other various fluids.
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Originally Posted by rehtnap View Post
and other various fluids.
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Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
The planes need their pipes flushed out too you know...

And for those who asked about runway signs....you have your answer
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Wags Thanks for a great job.
What amazing photos, many Wags.
Wags I have questions about this scenario of Nevada.

* We will have the opportunity to fly in the Grand Canyon?
* We see the city of "Las Vegas" as is now taking off to the south west of the Nellis base? ... Me explain see hotels in the streets and parks of this city famous?
* The scenario has improved or put option addons to give more details?
* Other DCS simulation series also have the option to have this stage or is exclusive to American aircraft and helicopters in the future sell or DCS?
* This scenario, and even the Black Sea provide navigational aids such as lights PAPI, airways, VOR, ADF and NDB?.
In previous editions of Lock On and DCS were not taken into account. I personally have a set of PAPI lights approach is very important, it helps me to approach safely.
So I wonder whether such aid is included in this scenario?

I hope they understand me because my English is fair.

Again thanks for the photos, go up to my forum: 701 Squadron Colombia.
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