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Default Video board GTX 480 vs GTX 580

I just replaced my GTX 480 SC with a GTX 580 SC and I did not notice and changes in frame rate.

I am running with all settings at high except Civ Traffic which is turned off. My resolution 1920x1200. MSAA 8x. Sitting in a power-down cockpit at Batumi looking straight ahead, I get about 35 fps. If I look to my right at the buildings and trees the frame rate drops to about 17 fps. After take-off I make a right departure turn and follow the coastline, if I look to the left at the sun and ocean I get about 60 fps, and if I look to the right down at Batumi city it drops to about 17 fps. While flying with both TGP/MAV on both MFCD's I get about 16 to 11 fps depending on where I am.

The good news is that the GTX 580 runs about 15% cooler. Downloading Beta 3 update now will update you later if I notice any changes frame rate.

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Damn with your system you'd hope for 50fps all the time, but it is beta. I did notice beta 3 ran better for me than beta 2. A lot better, actually.

Also they did say Beta 4 will be the one where they do the most fps increase stuff.

I'll be interested to hear your results with beta 3 as I will be building a similar system myself really soon.
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Gonzo, you hardwarefreak !!!! :-)

Keep us informed with your results in beta 3. thanks

i plan to upgrade my old 275 to 580 gtx.
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My Asus GTX580 shipped today. Exhanging it with my GTX480 due to heat and powerusage. GTX580 should be a big improvement on those departments

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Lower your view distance and the frame rate will improve drastically.
The game is still cpu limited if you have such an powerful graphics card as the GTX480.

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Gonzo, try to OC your CPU. I've got the same like yours and the only mean to get major FPS increase for me is to tune up my CPU to around 3.6 GHz. I also have changed my old 8800 GTX to two overclocked GTX 460s in SLI but they didn't cause too much FPS increase. The game is mainly CPU dependant, but despite the 6 cores, someone with a dual CPU around 4 GHz can get better results. Sad, but true
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Same chip on watercooling @4.48Ghz is working pretty good. Has anyone tried turning off in-game AA and AF and used nvidia inspector?
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I ran the same setup as described above with the same mission, the only difference is that I am now using Beta 3. I have to say the frame rate might be 1 or 2 fps second better, but really about the same. I can't say that 1 or 2 fps increase is being caused by the card or just how I am sitting with track IR. The only good thing is that I am not seeing the GTX 580 SC maxed out like the GTX 480 SC was while measuring the GPU usage.

Not sure how to mess with CPU settings in bios so everything is set to default.

Hope this helps.


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I noticed a large increase in FPS with Beta 3, compared to Beta1/2. The ONE thing that is absolutely killing my fps are using the TGP over a wide distance with alot of buildings in view, even worse for some reason is the MAV seeker during the same conditions. Im running a gtx 580 too, and the fps can be everything from 60 down to 35, but when swithcing on the MAV Im down to 12 =)

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From rewiews I've read the 580 is approx 10-15% faster with less heat. This sim is CPU limited so i doubt youd notice much of a diffference. Hopefully in the future they will offload some more work from the CPU to the GPU with DirectCompute/DX11. Until then get the fastest CPU you can and overclock it.

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