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F/A-22 Raptor 396 8.35%
FA-18E Super Hornet 2,022 42.64%
F-14 TomCat 685 14.45%
F-35 Lightning 247 5.21%
F-16 Fighting Falcon 695 14.66%
F-15E Strike Eagle 257 5.42%
F/A-18 Hornet 368 7.76%
F-15 Eagle 72 1.52%
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Old 11-03-2007, 06:20 PM   #21
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Who's making the Mig-27M? India? I thought Russia retired the aircraft (along with the Mig-23).
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India modernized;
Give me "flying telephone pole" (SA-2)!
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Originally Posted by Esac_mirmidon View Post
I think Mig-23 could be interesting ONLY if they model the M version, or the most modern ones, because old Mig-23 could add nothing but the same well known older radar and weapon systems.

Somebody with high reputation in Russia ( a friend of mine ) told me that the radar of the Mig-23M was fairly superior to the initial radar of Mig-29 early variant ( 9-12 ) and Mig-23 pilots were more capable to gain advantage with this radar than in the Fulcrum.

About Mig-27 is the same case, if modern variants with laser designators and visor systems in the nose are modeled, yes i agree. But if we could have the older ones , IMHO is a repetition of the same capabilities of the Frogfoot but in a faster jet.

As I have a fetish for soviet/russian jets (seventies and eighties particulary), I have an irresistible urge to say that the plane on the left picture is a MiG-27M (or D, they are hard do differentiate; with Klen-PM laser target designator in the nose, IIRC), and the plane on the right is a MiG-27K (with Kaira laser/TV target designator)... I'm sorry, didn't mean to offend anyone... It's just important for me... Yeah, I know I should get councelling.
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Old 11-05-2007, 12:21 PM   #24
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My opinion is that the MiG-23 in any version should be included in the upcoming DCS developments. This a/c was a work-horse like the F-4E/F in the Cold War. I admire the F-4 series and when I see the bone yard at Tucson AZ where all the birds get their funeral, I realy get sad...
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Sorry, Tompax, you cant offend me. You are only correcting me . Thanks.

It´s obvious that i have made a mistake writting the letters and changing the side of the models.

You are totally correct. The K is on the right and the M on the left.

Sorry again and thanks for clarify this...
" You must think in russian.."

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Originally Posted by Tompax View Post
Yeah, I know I should get councelling.
Aye you willing to talk about it, my young padawan?
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I'm glad that You didn't find my post offensive, Esac_mirmidon - I just can't resist it sometime...

It started a long time ago, when I was a boy and... ;-)
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Default Next DCS Aircraft Wish List

Now that FC2 is out, i suppose we will receive more info and pictures of A10, but the really important thing, is that i read that ED will say what is the next DCS Module after A10.

Looking toward it!!!

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Hope it is the Apache.
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