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Default A less blurry Nevada ?

Hi friends, Does anyone know if there exist some shader or mod to make Nevada look less like a melting icecream ? Som pics. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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What are your graphic settings?
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depth of field setting?
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+1 this has always been the case with Nevada. The mountains look smooth which is not correct
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1) As mentioned, you've got "Depth of Field" turned on in graphics settings. It blurs all the background in external cam views and murders performance, so turn this crap off unless you want to make some fancy screenshots every now and then - it's useless otherwise;

2) The map is hardcoded to use very aggressive mipmapping anyway for performance reasons. Not much we can do about it - you might apply Mustang's noise fix mod...


... which was created for Persian Gulf map, but affects Nevada as well, making it a little bit sharper when looking from mid altitudes. At least it did when Mustang released it last year, don't know if it still works nowadays. Increased stuttering was a price to pay, however, but if your hardware is beefy enough, try it out.
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Mustangs mod......https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=211165

It uses higher resolution terrain mesh settings which make the mountains considerably sharper...at a cost of extra ram usage.
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In 4k with this mod its a stunning map.


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blurry, nevada

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