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Default AWACS - Declare command

Hi guys,

i have managed to get the AA refueling comand for my AI wingman working and by doing this stumbled uppon some other very usefull commands that are lacking for the Hornet right now.

Specifically i am talking about:

- Radar on/off
- ECM on/off (not so important now, as we dont have jammers at the moment)
- "Engage with..." commands from the A10C (will be much more important, when we will gain guided weapons and JTAC interaction)

- Vector to tanker (not so important as we have TACAN)

But the most important command for me, which could make flying in MP much more enjoyable (due to the inconsistent IFF we have right now) is:
- AWACS -> Declare

I really want to have this for my hornet and not only for FC3 AC and so i started to find a way to get this working.

For FC3 aircraft it is pretty simple:

For every AC there are four given parameters in the corresponding file located in the folder ...\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\Flaming Cliffs\Comm\:
(F15 example):

fighter = true,
radar = true,
ECM = true,
refueling = true

With this parameters the Comms dialogue is created beased on the AC type and its abilities via the "LockOnAirplanes.lua" located in:
..\DCS World\Scripts\UI\RadioCommandDialogPanel\Config\

The AWACS dialogue seems to be the same for all AC, as it is in a seperate lua


and is just created with two of the parameters:
- Radar -> Activates "Declare" command

- Refueling -> Activates "Vector to tanker" command

For the hornet both parameters are set to "false" in its comm.lua.
Setting them to "true" will make the commands appear in the corresponding menu.

The problem is:
The AWACS does not answer the declare call at all in the hornet.
In FC3 AC you have to lock a target first for the AWACS to answer your declare call.
Locking a radar contact with STT in the hornet seems not to be recognized as a "radar lock" by the AWACS.

Am I missing something? Is there probably a way to get this to work as long as we do not have a proper IFF/Datalink?
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early access
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Sure. I am not complaining.

I am trying to find a workaround...
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That explains why I didn't see the DECLARE menu.

I thought I was doing something wrong with the F-18

This function would be nice.
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Funny timing, I had just asked on reddit why we didn't have a declare command... I never needed it in the F15 or any other plane so I never even knew it was in DCS until I wanted it for the hornet and found out it isn't implemented.
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Programming noob question:

What would happen if you set the tanker option to "true" in the FA-18C comm.lua? Would your AI wingman hit the tanker and refuel when you command him to in the "Go to" comms menu?
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Nope not really.

Setting it to true will only affect the awacs menu.
It will unlock the "request vector to tanker" call, which is working correctly in the hornet surprisingly.

To be able to send your ai to the tanker you have to add the command in the "go to" section of the comm.lua. there is already an explenation somewhere in this forum how to get this done.
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ai wingmen, awacs, communication menu, declare, radio

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