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View Poll Results: What is the utility helicopter you want to see in DCS?
Bell 212/UH-1N 3 1.51%
Bell 412/CH-146 5 2.51%
UH-60L/M 77 38.69%
CH-47D/F 46 23.12%
CH-53E 31 15.58%
H145M/EC645 2 1.01%
NH-90 13 6.53%
AW139 2 1.01%
Mi-8MTV5/Mi-17V5 2 1.01%
Mi-26 18 9.05%
Voters: 199. You may not vote on this poll

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When I read the title of the thread first thought was C130 but when I opened the thread it was about helicopters, so, CH47 but only if I can get my car in game too

Club day out with a Chinook, and I'm the grinning idiot at the controls in the above pic

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If ED or anyone else had any intentions on developing a CH-47 module, my father currently flies one for the US Army and I bet he would be interested in helping out with any research needed.

Just food for thought.

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Originally Posted by thaisocom View Post
It'd be cool for MP session. Pick up a down pilot and bring him back to base.
It would add fidelity to game, those crazy no-remorse fighter pilots flying 20 metres from ground would learn to escape the dangerous situations instead just try to desperately win the fight.
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Default Little off-topic

Originally Posted by domini99 View Post
We should mix DCS and Arma
I would say more likely a Operation Flashpoint would be the better company. Just look the terrain and other graphics!

I wouldn't mind and I think many other wouldn't mind either as the graphics would work almost seamlessly between DCS and Flashpoint without any oddness.

It would then really matter to fly helicopters, and especially those transport helicopters. Set those SAM sites and so on.

Add there good AI that would build camps and drive vehicles as commanded when players ain't controlling and who would need a Dynamic Campaign when in Multiplayer there would be dozens of human players doing everything?
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Seeing as I couldn't pick more than one, my want's are as follows:
1. CV-22B Osprey
2. CH-53E Super Sea Stallion
3. M/UH-60A/K/L/M/S Blackhawk/Knighthawk
4. MH-53J/M
5. Mi-26 Halo
6. CH-47D Chinook
7. CH-3E/UH-3H Jolly Green/Sea King
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When I was in. I flew in Hueys exclusively. Never got to go up on a CH-47. Lucky a$$ Marines!! But when I was juuust ETS'ing out, they introduced the Blackhawk. All my buddies told me how great it was. So either of those two. But....given the choice, the Chinook is more appealing to me.
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I voted for CH-53E,something about that helicopter makes me want to go all crazy trying to pick up cargo and drop US Marines anywhere i want to with that beast.I also would like to see a CH-21 Flying Banana and CH-37 Mojave.
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1) Mi-26
2) CH53E / CH-53
3) AW101
4) NH90
5) UH-60 / SH-60

# I haven't flown helicopters but for a utility craft it's got to be that huge Mi-26. Indeed I think DCS needs wider body vehicles generally. (I'd hope to see shared cockpit for a big craft like that but I wonder if it can be flown realistically by one user?)
# I'd really like to be able to do ASW missions and mine sweeping, so a helicopter with such capabilities would be awesome.
# For a more accurate / realistic simulation I'd prefer non FBW and not something too new.
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I voted Chinook but the CH-53E is equal for me as it looks like such a brute. Air to air refueling would be a blast too.
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A Man can dream


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helicopter, poll, wishlist

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