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Default Tacview 1.3.3 teaser

Still a few things to tweak and Tacview 1.3.3 should be released in one or two weeks.

Meanwhile, here is a first teaser made by Mirknir:

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Here are some news about the current development status:
  • Tacview 1.3.3 is quite a nice improvement over 1.3.2 and should be released by the end of next week.
  • I’m currently finishing the new web site which was waiting to be completed since 2010 (!). It is going to be the new clean and tidy place where you will find all the answer to your questions.
  • I’m going to produce a first usable draft of the online debriefing right after. I think I can deliver something very simple, yet quite cool about it by the end of March.
  • The real-time flight recording is still in conception. I will come back on it in two to three weeks (it is strongly tied to the new exporter).

As you know, I’m working on a lot of new things at the same time. But don’t worry; they are all going to available before the F/A-18
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Default New Website!

After so many years of wait, the (real) official Tacview website is at last online! Now you have a place to find all the answers to your questions, download links and a comprehensive documentation in a well presented, clear, and modern environment.


This is still a beta version: the updated technical documentation and French translation will follow in the coming days.

To celebrate, here is a new trailer made by Mirknir:

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Arrow Tacview 1.3.3 is available!

Tacview 1.3.3 is available!

Smarter automatic declutter, more landmarks, telemetry walls, DTC file support, DCS World MiG-15bis support, this version contains a million of little improvements which are going to make your flight review smother than ever!

The next step is the prototyping of the online debriefing. I’ve planned to code very simple, but yet very efficient features so you can get it working as soon as possible.

The new website is also almost complete. So, please let me know, if you notice any error or missing content.



  • DCS World MiG-15bis advanced telemetry is now supported
  • Colored telemetry walls can be displayed under the trail of selected objects
  • Falcon 4.0 DTC files are now natively supported (automatic load, manual merge, and drag & drop)
  • Select objects events are now highlighted in the timeline
  • Hot/Cold aspects are now displayed in aspect angle telemetry label
  • Critical G-forces are now displayed in black on selected objects in the 3D view
  • ALT+RETURN to toggle borderless full screen mode (you can drag telemetry windows to other screens)
  • DCS World SA-11 Buk threat dome is now displayed
  • Added Mi-8 and Mi-28 3D meshes
  • ALT+SPACE to swap selected objects
  • The dogfight camera is now disabled when opening a new file (was confusing in some cases)
  • Pilots names are now displayed in priority in short labels far from the observer
  • Object under the mouse is now outlined
  • Improved and tweaked a lot labels auto declutter
  • Tweaked chaffs, flares and shrapnel auto-scale to reduce clutter
  • Improved location and time readability in the 3D
  • Mission date has been moved to the mission properties to reduce further 3D view clutter
  • Flight recording time displayed in the mission properties view is now displayed in UTC time
  • Removed overkill decimals from Aspect Angle label
  • Airports names are now identical to DCS World ones
  • Added Israel region runways and cities from Uri_ba (108vfs) to Falcon 4.0 Israel theater
  • Added KOTAR (KOrean TActical Range) from Uri_ba (108vfs) to BMS Korea theater
  • Added DCS World Kutaisi minor runways
  • Added Falcon 4.0 EMF theater objects to Tacview database
  • Replaced the old compass by a much simpler and readable one
  • Improved support for unknown simulators
  • Improved the display of some static objects (waypoints, tubes and cones) for better readability
  • Increased max playback speed to x16
  • Camera rotation and zoom can now be controled using the numpad
  • Removed not yet implemented menus and options

  • Aspect Angle calculation was calculated in full 3D, it is now only using target aircraft heading.
  • Direction vector was not properly displayed for unknown helicopters when auto-scale was enabled
  • DCS World tires marks and dust clouds are not exported anymore (spam and wrong feedback)
  • Tacview compass was not taking into account the player head rotation in cockpit view
  • There was a rare script error in DCS World export script when accessing advanced telemetry data
  • Terrain was displayed with a strange yellow color on systems with low-end graphic cards
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes in the experimental file merge function
  • Admiral-Kuznetsov 3D Mesh altitude offset was incorrect
  • Minor display bugs in charts menus
  • Tacview window does not steal focus anymore after opening a big file

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great update!!

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Awesome! My favorite tool
Windows 7 64 bit FTW!
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Great! Thanks Vyrtuoz!!
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Good stuff

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Nice update, lots or things added!

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Tacview is also a tool to create poetry

The beauty of Dogfight:

My old server:
The Thread
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acmi, flight, record, tacview

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