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Default Basic Profile FA-18 Thustmaster Hornet joystick, HOTAS Throttle and Cougar MPD's

This is a quick and clean profile - straight DCS assignments for the new Thrustmaster FA-18c joystick and (A-10) HOTAS throttle. Enjoy!
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1. Startup Hornet in Cold and Dark.
2. Hit 'esc' and Adjust Controls. On the CONTROL OPTIONS page Select 'Modifiers' and ADD the Throttle Red Hat-forward and the Joystick Sensor Control-center push buttons to the 'Modifiers' list.
3. Clear all entries from joystick and throttle (and optionally control rudder). Just select an antry in a category and press 'Clear category'.
4. Select an entry from joystick and push the 'Load profile' button.
5. Navigate to the included file titled "Joystick - HOTAS Warthog (select Joystick in CONTROL OPTIONS and load profile).diff" and execute.
6. Do the same for Throttle entries and optionally the Rudder, MFD1 and MFD2 (cougar) columns.
7. Go to the C://Users/{your user name}/Saved Games/DCS/Config/View folder. Rename the SnapViews.lua file to SnapViews.lua_ to protect it. Copy the included SnapViews.lua file to the folder. These views may need to be tweaked to conform to your monitor size and resolution (see )
8. Relaunch DCS to load the snap views and you should be good to go.

1. The Parking Brake button is not a toggle. Hitting it once will completely release the parking brake but to engage the brake you must hit it again once (to turn the break handle) then hit RIGHT-CTRL-P to pull it.
2. The views on the throttle pinkey switch are SNAP views that are HELD by the toggle switch. If you do not re-center the switch when you are done with the view it will mess up other views (like your CENTER VIEW).
3. To use the VIEW CENTER/VIEW COCKPIT button on the joystick (as your 'time to fly the aircraft' button) you can just hit it most of the time, but if you have messed with the zoom you then need to center-push the zoom button (right next door). If your view has been wandering outside of the cockpit you need to hold the throttle-SHIFT (red hat forward) button while hitting the VIEW CENTER/VIEW COCKPIT button to bring your view back inside the aircraft then release the shift button and hit the VIEW CENTER/VIEW COCKPIT button again to center the view. Sounds complicated but is actually pretty quick and intuitive. (I consider this button to be the most important on the joystick if you don't enjoy flying into mountains.)
4. Note that the real-world FA-18 functions of the joystick buttons are 'SHIFTED' while the view functions are not. After several hours of experimentation I found this configuration to represent the best compromise between authenticity and survival.
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