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you would hear engaging SAM or defending SAM, or bandit at bulls ... these you can input to TAD to steer clear or pickup the pieces if they fail. That is actionable. If you dont want to listen you can Rshift Backspace to cycle radio reception to own communications. This prevents the slurry of all allied calls even when checked in options.

Fat T is above, thin T is below. Long T is faster, Short T is slower. Open triangle is AWACS, closed triangle is your own sensors. Double dash is friendly, Single dash is enemy. Circle is friendly. Strobe is jammer. Strobe to dash is under 35 km. HDD is 7 times range key. Radar to 160 km, IRST to 10 km. Stay low, but never slow.
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Thank you kylekatarn720 and FlyingPhotog, all good info for the noobie.

With regard to mission preparation prior to flight, yes, given proper resources (detailed topos marked with significant mission details ie threats, waypoints, easily identifiable man-made or geographic features) makes situational awareness easier while targeting and avoiding threats would help a lot.)

Something I havent researched yet os the use of the knee-pad for use of pre-flight intel ie maps etc, but I spose that neednt be incorporated into pdf's for use in flight.

With regard to searching out the window, how is a search conducted? Are markpoints created to create a path to plan out where to search, to prevent too much overlap or inefficient random searches?

Regards LaLa
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You can use this doc i created a while back for kneeboard, Custom kneeboard guide

For the visual scouting part, im not that good with it either but i can give you some pointers.

First of all, you need a general location of the enemy. like a town, city, river, lake, valley etc. After all you need know where to look at, the second reason for this is that you dont want to fly over enemy positions while doing your recon otherwise you will be an easy target for enemy AAA or SAM.

You need to have at least an idea of the enemy unit composition. Do they have manpads, radar sams, AAA's, APC's. These will establish your range restrictions, and what to look for first.

For example lets say there is an enemy group inside and around the kutaisi city. You know that they have tanks, apc's, AAA's and manpads.

Your priority should be to find the manpads first, take them out and switch over to searching those AAA's.

Easiest way to find a manpad hiding in a city IMO is to start a really wide orbit around the city and gradually narrowing the radius of your orbit until you spot the missile trail of the manpad. When you see the missile trail take mental note of the general location of that missile trail and evade the incoming missile while escaping the engagement zone of that manpad. After evading it go high and use your sensors to search the area, create mark point over the target.

Main idea here is to stay at the limit of their engagement zone and force them to fire, this will almost always work on manpads and radar sams.

AAA's are the tricky ones, cos when they fire at you, you have very little time to react and dodge the bullets. So as far as my experience goes if there are non-radar AAA's in the area and if they are not your primary targets leave them alone, go high and engage targets from maximum range. The problem with AAA's is that you can never be sure if you got all of them. You can take out 3 of them and there can be a single little bugger at the edge of the town that will split you in half if you fly over it.

Enemy groups in valleys can be easy to spot and hard to survive at the same time. Since its a valley you have a narrow corridor where it will take considerably less time to search but if they have anything that can fire at you from the hill tops or neighbouring valleys they will most likely take you out by surprise if you get too close. And its really not fun to evade a tor missile by going over a hill and diving behind it, just to find a manpad firing at you from 150 meters.

Easiest way to practice this is the create a mission in which you have like 30 AAA's scattered across a big city with each of them having 30 percent chance to spawn so you wont know their exact location. You can use mk82's or guns.
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^^^ Good advice all around ^^^
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Great info FlyingPhotog, and kylekatarn720!

At this time my questions are related to training, and not the way I would fly a mission, if I were attempting to simulate an actual flight. Information is all good, whether used in actual mission or not, it requires judgement to determine if the action is appropriate under the circumstances.

While attacking SAM's may not be a action usually undertaken by A10's doing so is not without value in terms of learning ranges and factors unrelated to the statistics regarding a weapon capability. For example when I watch my attack of Zu-23s I noted how they require a couple of seconds to rotate around to your direction, seems to me that a couple of seconds is often the time window that determine if you hit a target or are hit by it.

Its great to get this kind of feedback from the DSC community!

Thank you!
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Originally Posted by kylekatarn720 View Post
Easiest way to practice this is the create a mission in which you have like 30 AAA's scattered across a big city with each of them having 30 percent chance to spawn so you wont know their exact location. You can use mk82's or guns.
Great idea I didnt know the ME had the ability to set the probability of objects spawning!

Thank you again kylekatarn720
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