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Default FC3 and Cockpit Controls

Hi all,

I've been playing though the FC3 beta quite considerably, and the only real issue that stands out to me at the moment is the setup of mapping controls to my joystick. I am using the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS and am trying to set my controls to function in a very similar way to that of the A-10c, but there are a few things that seem to be preventing this.

For instance, with the HOTAS I can start either of A-10c's engines by moving the throttle from OFF to IDLE, however I cannot find a way to set the F-15 to replicate this.
Similarly with the Nav lights, if I set them to the pinky switch on the throttle it acts as a toggle forcing me to flick the switch down to turn them on, then up then down to turn them back off, if you get what I mean.

So I was wondering if anyone has found a better way to map the controls than I have. I understand that the aircraft in FC3 have been modeled in a simplistic manner, however I would be rather disappointed to find that I can't set things up to take full advantage of my peripherals.

On a closing note, very satisfied with the module as a whole, just looking forward to getting my controls setup perfectly

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A-10 and FC use fundamentally different control schemes. I don't think you can replicate on with the other. Your best bet would be to use the programming software that came with the Warthog (I assume it has some).
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Originally Posted by Nybble View Post
......however I cannot find a way to set the F-15 to replicate this....
What I do is the following:

Left Engine Start = JOY_BTN30

Right Engine Start = JOY_BTN29

Now with the Warthog it is actually the movement from IDLE to OFF which is the input. In other words, you start off at a cold-start with the throttle levers to IDLE. When you want to start, all you do is move them from IDLE to OFF and then back to IDLE again in one swift movement and that will spool the engines.

I know, not strictly the same as the A-10C but close enough to simulate an engine start with the throttle levers, for me at least
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Cheers Viper, that should be enough to keep me happy
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If you use those buttons you cannot use the idle to off to shutdown the engines.

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3 years...
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It's a pretty good resurrection indeed. Definite signs of decay plus a decent amount of digging needed to get it to the surface
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It is possible that recent flooding may have swamped the grave and floated the corpse?
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