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Default How to make multicrew work in 2.5.6 (needs more testing)

Some buddies of mine and i did some testing, trying to get multicrew to work in the Gazelle M and we have stumbled upon a method that allows us to reliably achieve a state where both players are correctly synced. It works very well for us and i'm curious if it will do so for other players as well.

Here's what we do:

1. Both Players need to start with a fresh instance of DCS, if you did some previous flying you need to restart DCS before trying to use multicrew in the Gazelle.

2. Pilot joins first, but doesn't do anything in the cockpit yet!

3. Copilot joins after Pilot has arrived in the cockpit. Pilot confirms that he can no longer operate the radios, the NADIR and any of the controls on the left side of the cockpit.

4. Pilot begins the startup procedure (no particular order needed), and announces the turbine start. If the copilot can not hear the turbine spooling up he is not properly synced and wont be able to control the sight and the weapons. In that case BOTH players need to restart DCS and try again from scratch.

5. IF the copilot hears the turbine coming to life he is synced and multicrew should work correctly. The pilot completes his startup procedure and equips the missiles.

6. Once the pilot has completed the startup of the engine the copilot can start the alignment of the NADIR and configure his sight and weapons panel.

Operating the sight as the copilot:

In multicrew the copilot can't slew the sight with the normal slew control (both the button commands and the axis commands won't work). Instead he moves the sight with the cyclic controls (pitch and roll). He can't steer the helicopter. We often had a problem where the sight would slowly slew to the left by itself. We found that unbinding the cyclic control before entering the cockpit as copilot and then rebinding it once proper sync has been established fixes the issue.

Other than the changed slew controls all other buttons should work just as they do in singeplayer.

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