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Default Canyon Run - When Bugs ARE Fun

While flying nearby Shiraz area, I've noticed a strange feature of the terrain that ended up to be a huge and very deep canyon. Perfect for any kind of crazy flying.

Finding it is easy. The entrance is located on the bearing 176, 54nm from Shiraz airport.

The only plane that I think is "safe" to fly in is Yak-52. You can try your luck with WW2 aircraft, however jets are a bit too fast and big. The canyon is barely 10 m wide in some areas.

Note that with Yak-52 it's one way trip from Shiraz You won't have the fuel to come back.

Here are some screens

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Bet the helo guys would enjoy it to . Nice find !
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That's not a bug, that's Indiana Jones and the last crusade canyon!!

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I'm pretty sure that is the same canyon I flew through in a Gazelle a few months ago. It was part of a mission and server developed and run by some guys in France. (sorry can't remember name of server).
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