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Default DCS Open Beta


DCS World

Hydra 70 rocket. Adjusted drag, corrected motor data. The rocket began to fly a little slower
MP. Stennis. Can't start from 3rd cat - fixed
AIM-7, AIM-120, R-27, R-77 missiles. Loft and HOJ trajectories on the net clients will be closer to the host (delivery aircraft) trajectory
Leader Vehicle. Move crash - fixed
Get Target State For Car crash - fixed
AIM-120. Fixed bug where loft trajectory was dependent on missile heading
MP. Fixed occasional crash at artillery fire
Some memory leaks in the terrain sources were fixed
Crash when AI helicopters collect troops - fixed
Wake turbulence damages aircraft on the ground - fixed
Helicopter AI wingman taxi bug with script - fixed
MP. Missiles flying underground & into Space - fixed
Aircraft repair under hard cover will not creates problem - fixed.

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev
Seat movement sound correctly stops now when reaching max position, if moving it from one end to the other
Adjusted reset speed of accelerometer needles according to real behaviour
Implemented safety pin of canopy fracturing handle
Modified fracturing handle
Ejection mode selection lever is now functional: by default, it ejects instructor and then pilot, but can be switched off to allow for independent ejection
Fixed ejection pin state initialization at cold start
Both ejection seat handle pin and canopy fracturing handle pin store now in their corresponding compartment, map box or soft Velcro case
Fixed erroneous cabin pressure value at altitude. Behaviour for large differences of pressure is also modified
1020 Hz radio test tone is heard now again
Fixed external lights initialization
Added Ejection Seat Priority Lever ON/OFF control input
Clickable cockpit is now conforming to DCS standards. Both C-101 EB and C-101CC
Corrected Generator OFF position when using control input, it now correctly sets to OFF
Solved longitudinal stability problems. The airplane now behaves correctly in flight (good stability) and during takeoff and landing. No more issues with nose down tendency after landing and nose up "jumping" after takeoff
Left console interior red light in the rear cockpit does not deploy the emergency gear extension handle any more
Fixed emergency fuel korry button light that was not illuminating when pressed
Fixed C-101CC trim. It now has a correct range of +6.5 and -2.0
Landing lights will now be in taxi position when starting on runway
Dimmers brightness decreases now when rotating clockwise, when rotated completely the light will go off
Removed Mk-84 from the C-101CC inventory and removed BR-500 from center pylons, those weapons exceed the maximum authorized weight that may be carried by the underwing pylons

DCS Mirage 2000c by RAZBAM
Added Head to VR Pilot's Shadow


Radar HOTAS "TDC CENTER" changed to "TDC DEPRESS (Lock Target)". Its unique function is to lock AA targets
Radar HOTAS "STT/TWS Toggle (Target Lock)" changed to "STT/TWS Toggle"
With a locked AA target: toggles between STT/TWS tracking modes (same as before)
With the radar on SCAN and no locked AA target, it selects the default lock mode for AA targets: STT or TWS. The default lock mode can be overridden by the toggle switch but upon target unlock will go back to its default
Guns default firing mode: TOT and PAR either in AA or CAS. Mode will reset to default when deselecting the weapon
Rockets default firing mode: TOT. Mode will reset to default when deselecting the weapon
S530D Salvo mode is disabled
Default switches position when starting in the air:
Radar Altimeter is active (Switches in M and H respectively)
Radar is on EM mode
DDM is OFF (if it is mounted)
DDM (IR Missile detector) is now unmounted and OFF by default
FBW "too slow" sound logic updated
AP "Gong" Sound logic updated
AP Roll limit updated
AP Track Index behavior fixed
Display Changes:

S530D SVI Brackets have been deleted. They do not exist in the M-2000C
S530D G and D are now circled all the time. They indicate that the missile seeker head is locked on the target
Radar TDC is now available in SIL and EM modes
TWS/STT (PID/PIC) lock mode legend is now visible at all times in both SIL and EM modes. It indicates the radar default lock mode (with no locked target) or the current target lock mode
CCRP Target cross "+" has been deleted. This is a M-2000D feature only

DCS: AJS-37 by Heatblur Simulations
Reverted Rb75 FM
Fixed radar screen brightness setting not having any effect in B-scope mode
Wrath of Thunder mission 6: fixed mission complete logic
Fixed RAT sync in multiplayer
Tweaked engine smokiness
Tweaked zero alpha pitch moment at slower speeds

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations
NEW! Added TID AVIA page (displaying AoA, Vertical velocity, ILS and ACLS), enabling the RIO to closely monitor landing procedures and assist the pilot with pattern work
Fix for radar ground stabilization at high roll angles
Fix for radar range scale reverting to 200NM during P-SEARCH HCU acquisition in multicrew
Fix for RWS contacts on TID timing out too soon in a 1-bar scan
Added COMM1_FREQ and COMM2_FREQ params exported to lua scripts for ARC-159 and ARC-182 radios (for example to be used with “cockpit param” in mission editor)
Fix for AB lighting at too high of a throttle position
Improvements to pilot stick travel animation
Added afterburner markers on controls indicator
Removed debug carrier glideslope on controls indicator
Added FFB trim checkbox option for more realistic trim operation feel while using a FFB joystick (works if ANY non-vJoy FFB device is detected!)
More realistic FFB travel with trim actuator movement
Adjusted compressor stall spool dynamics
Fine tuning of pitch axis handling qualities

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations
Fixed flipped Laser/LSS code issue
Fixed CTD caused by flush DL dbg info
Fixed ext light special binding
Fixed SD-10 to SPT wont LOFT
Fixed TOT speed indicator for on-time arrival (NAV, or AG with WPT as SPI)
Fixed channel copy issue (from 30~59 to 1~29)
Added AG Modes show TOT speed indicator
Allow unbalanced fuel tank loadout (FM improved)

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
Longitudinal stability model improved
Suspension model improved
AI aircraft SFM model improved to more closely comply with “human” model, most notably in terms of previous AoA differences for comparative performances
Positions of fire and smoke effects corrected to comply with visual damage
Some audio-visual effects fixes, such are corrected F2 RPM indication for afterburner regimes, IR signature on afterburner, etc
First stage of code cleanup: part of the code optimized for faster execution and less memory use. Next stage in progress
Corrected inverted animation of PRMG localizer needle on NPP instrument

DCS F-18C by ED
Added FLIR Pointing Modes (HUD Pointing Modes/Snowplow Pointing Mode/Velocity Vector Slaved (VVSLV) Mode)
Radar sometimes doesn't see targets in multiplayer - Fixed
Fixed A/A gunsight foresight cue/Adjusted A/A gunsight funnel
Port Side Navigation Light Stays on - Fixed
Added canopy and MFD reflections options

DCS F-16C by ED
Fixed Dogfight Mode ( Redone Attitude Awareness Arc/Add DLZ for dogfight/Remove silence radar mode in dogfight switch/Correct ACM BORE HUD indication/Added MFD/Add DLZ on FCR page)
Search targets on FCR screen have velocity vectors instead of Hotlines - Fixed
Missing Lock Lines - Fixed
No LOFT for AIM-120 - Fixed
FCR AA Declutter toggles by short depressing COMM Sw inboard for less than 0.5 sec
Improved EEGS mode (Adjusted T symbol,1 and 9g pipper/Adjusted A/A gunsight funnel Level 3 to 4 transition dynamics (now a bit smoother)/T-symbol out-of-plane maneuver lines maximum length was limited)
Horizon line seems too high on Persian Gulf Map - Fixed
F-16 has no option to send flight to tanker in radio menu - Fixed
Add Canopy Color Option
Added canopy and MFD reflections options
UFC training mission inaccuracies - Fixed
Cockpit Warning lights material tuned
Add livery for FS - 13/14/22/23/55/77/79/179/480/522
Add bort number
Radar STT automatic range scale adjustment does not work if STT was entered from TWS

DCS Fw 190A-8 by ED
Major updates for cooling and oil systems
Start-up procedures and priming were tuned for proper use in different weather conditions
Fixes for propeller governor
Engine sounds update
Destroyed tail no longer has multiple tails
Training missions update
Training with bombs is added
Update for start-up and take-off training
Added W.Gr.21 rockets and corresponding control panel in the cockpit
Added all currently existing german bombs to the arsenal
AB 250 cluster bomb with SD 10A submunition
AB 250 cluster bomb with SD 2 submunition
AB 500 cluster bomb with SD 10A submunition
SC 50
SC 250 J
SC 250 L2
SC 500 J
SC 500 L2
SD 250 Stg
SD 500 A
Added provision for the fuel tank
300 liters fuel tank added
Windscreen glass color edited
New skins added to the game
Manual update with information about bombs and rockets

DCS Bf 109K-4 by ED
Major sounds update

DCS Fw 190D-9 by ED
W.Gr.21 rockets were remade as separate models so they could be ripped off while hitting the ground

DCS L-39 Albatros by ED
In the case when the aircraft is controlled by a player in the back seat and is thrown out of the server for some reason, control passes to the first player

Flaming Cliffs 3 by ED
Su-27. Multiplayer data link ghost contacts - fixed
F-15C. Instant Action Persian Gulf F15C Free flight over West Dubai. Increased start speed to 0.8M to prevent stall conditions

DCS Black Shark 2 by ED
Increased time to idle working of first engine for correct start second engine in the cold conditions
Fixed a bug that broke the display of the message "AIRCRAFT READY"
Corrected mirror images inside the cockpit
The Standby Compass (the one on the overhead) fails to show directions from 180° to 360° - fixed

F-5E Aggressors BFM Campaign, F-5E Aggressors ACM Campaign, F-15C Aggressors BFM Campaign and F/A-18C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Mapple Flag:

Updated some units to current models
Removed unused units and replaced them with static models
Corrected parking positions to match 2.5.6 changes
DCS BS2 Republic Campaign:

Minor changes in missions Despair, Party, Cleanup
The Enemy Within 3.0 Campaign by baltic Dragon:

Mission 2. Fixed missing encounters / chatter in Zone Delta if player didn't stop the convoy in Charlie
Mission 17. Fixed problem with the convoy carrying HVA refusing to move
Mission 21. Updated Predator's callsign (Popeye instead of Pontiac in remarks page)
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DCS Open Beta 2020-03-31

DCS World
ME. Fixed Statics returning the 'Ammo' name in ME, name can now be set correctly.
Fixed Scripting Engine bug causing Airports to return random ID's they have been pounded back into submission and will now have the correct id number for their actual position.
ME. Adjusted Icons in ME and loadout screens to allow people to see which type of missile / ordnance they are loading when there are multiple versions of the same type.
VR. Medium water creates double vision for terrain - fixed.
VR. Fixed automatic use of headset audio for the outputs which are set to default device.
Aircraft carrier. Ejected pilot falls through all decks - fixed.
SCUD missile. Corrected skins.
MP. Added support for clients behind CG-NAT.
MP. Added packet stats to Ctrl-Pause info (up/down traffic, ping, packet loss).
Sound. Fixed theme music for ED/BST modules.
Sound. Added a sound mod example to Doc/Sounds.
Added correct drag for PGU 20 mm family and fine tuned M56 family.
Ingame rearm and refueling panel. Sliders disappear on the mouse cursor over it - fixed.
RIM-7 missile. Added self destruction after losing target.
Refactoring load images MM. Fix for some user’s that can't run DCS.
Adjusted radio for Al Dhafra.
AGM-88. Fixed crash that appeared in some conditions.
AGM-88. Zero-lift drag decreased according to CFD research.
SARH and ARH air-to-air missiles. Crash when a missile changes target - fixed.
Cruiser Moscow. Restored functionality of AK-630 30mm guns.
If a player exits the game after ejecting he got a death in the logbook - fixed.
Crash after landing on an airfield where there is no available parking - fixed.

Known issues:
Selection of audio devices disabled while in simulation.
Performance review ongoing.

Voice chat

Clients could not talk to each other - fixed.
Game log flooded by debug messages - fixed.
Servers do not need a separate port for voice chat anymore.
Known issue: VC availability is controlled by client’s setting only, ignoring server options.

DCS Mirage 2000c by RAZBAM
RWR contact display logic
RWR Brightness enabled
Magic MAV search enabled. It includes HUD TD updates..
Close Combat Mode Vertical Scan bug fix..
IP Bombing release bug fix.
Manual updated with Magic MAV search

M-2000C campaign:
Mission 05:
Chevy 11 blocked by humvee which refused to move: FIXED

Mission 12:
Messages play at the beginning of the mission: FIXED

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork
Added AAR feature (some issue, please check Deka subforum for file patch)
Added digital clock/chrono
Updated external model (Texture still WIP)
Updated cockpit model (Texture still WIP)
JF-17 AI: can turn on AAR light when operate night air refuel
AAR probe: can be installed/removed via both ME and ground crew
Updated loading image
Fixed 802AK and JSOW turn point issue
Fixed AG radar moving/static detection in MAP/SEA1 modes
Fixed UFCP/AAP button light model flickering
Fixed external fuel imbalance bug
Added radar notch (WIP)
Added DPLAYER music player (User can change # of loaded audio file in Special Option, max is 30)
Added ground crew EN voiceover (voice actor Tony Lin/409)
Added mig-19p to EWS database (M19)
Added LD-10 ins drift
Improved radar TDC elev
Improved engine response
Added MasterArm toggle binding
Adjust 3-pos SW direction: (left-click: down/bwd; right-click: up/fwd)
Adjust shake amplitude

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev
Improvement of console lights visibility in external view
Improvement of stairs external and internal model
Several improvements in C-101CC cockpit textures
Change from white smoke to smoke with colorant and vice-versa is now continuous, without any gap

DCS Flaming Cliffs by ED
FC3 Multiplayer data link ghost contacts eliminated.

DCS Fw 190 D-9 by ED
R4M is incorrectly located on pylons and hangs in the air - fixed.

DCS Fw 190 A-8 by ED
Bombs added to the next missions:
Nevada - Range Target Strike.miz,
Normandy - Airfield Attack.miz,
Persian Gulf - Anti-Shipping Strike.miz.
Payloads drag for FW 190 A8 - fixed

DCS Spitfire IX by ED
Added correct ammo for Spitfire, adjusted dispersion.

DCS P-51 Mustang by ED
Ammo belts for P-51 - corrected

DCS A-10C by ED
GAU8 dispersion corrected.

DCS Flaming Cliffs by ED
A-10A. GAU8 dispersion corrected.

DCS F-86F by ED
Fixed missing argument for ARN-6 tuning crank.

DCS F/A-18C by ED
Major update of the German Hornet manual.
Plane acts in a strange way and explode after multiple usage of RAlt+J - Fixed
Client aircraft doesn't show in MSI in radar page - Fixed
Mk5 Rockets not available for the inner wing stations - Fixed

DCS F-16C by ED
Lesson 4 - Added CN localization.
Lesson 19 - Added DE Voice-Overs.
Bort number problems - Fixed

DCS SA342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations
Fixed gun alignment
Added combat mix (3 HE - 1AP)
Added SNEB68 smoke marker rockets

F-86F Hunters over the Yalu Campaign by Reflected Simulations.
Wake turbulence off enforced.
Player's flight engages the primary target.
Updated F-86F custom skins.

P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations.
Campaign updated for the new Normandy map.
Wake turbulence off enforced.
Player's flight engages the primary target.

The Museum Relic Campaign by Apache600.
Every mission, in both campaigns, has been updated in some manner. (either to address bugs, unit placement due to trees and other factors, trigger issues, etc).
NDB morse code has been corrected on numerous briefing and kneeboard pages.
Grammatical errors fixed in briefing pages (though I'm sure some still exist).

M2000C Red Flag by Baltic Dragon.
Mission 5: removed a truck that refused to move and blocked Chevy 12.
Mission 9: fixed an issue with B1 that stops taxiing to the active.
​Mission ​14: intercepted F-16 will now land much quicker.

A-10C The Enemy Within 3 by Baltic Dragon.
Mission 9: fixed rare instance where several different messages with the attack outcome would play
Mission 10: updated behaviour of Falcons engaging targets at the range, they should now use 3 missiles instead of 4.
Mission 13: fixed issue with Special Forces exiting target building refusing to move.
Fixed issue with enemy MANPADs not moving after spawning and staying too close to the target building.
All missions: re-saved them under 2.5.6 in order to fix possible problems with ground units not moving.
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Windows 10 Pro x64, NVIDIA MSI RTX 2080Ti VENTUS GP, INTEL i7 4790K @4.4 GHz( Cooled by H100i ), 32GB DDR3 @1866 , Asus Z97-AR, TM Warthog, Jet provost rudder pedals, VIVE Cosmos

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Default DCS World open beta


DCS World
Sound. Force stereo when drivers report 0 output channels
Sound. Recover from device disconnection (like hibernation or device unplug)
MP. Fixed a rare crash on client connection in busy missions
Fixed crash caused by a memory leak in clickable elements of cockpit
Added "engage air weapons" option for ships
Su-33 AI don't use AAR lights for refueling at night - fixed
Voice chat - added an option to block start of the voice chat on the server
MP. Added ability to see Time on Map in multiplayer lobby
MP. Added national flags to the server list
JTAC switching target caused crash - fixed
Black exhaust smoke from jet engines gets bright in moonlight - fixed
MP. Exhaust smoke in one flight, between multiple aircraft is synchronized - corrected
Vehicle not moving because of too steep elevation - fixed
Host crash when player reloads vehicle ATGM and leaves the vehicle - fixed
Sometimes no sound when starting DCS - fixed
AGM-84. Harpoon R/BL Skim ditch into the sea sometimes - fixed
Graphic option window. Added Custom Graphic Preset buttons
Animated fences on ships stopped working - fixed
MP. Dedicated server unable to disable voice chat - fixed
Ejected Pilot falls through roofs - fixed

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev
Improved rudder pedals adjustment mechanism. It now works in the following manner: pull handle and adjust rudder pedals distance while keeping the handle pulled, then release handle. Using keyboard or joystick commands also works correctly now
Added backlight to FD front cockpit buttons that are not activated
Added smoke command to communications menu
Deleted attack commands from comms menu of C-101EB
Changed 3D model of cockpit mirror
Harnesses are now correctly displayed when control stick is hidden
Updated EN and ES localizations
Fixed oxygen consumption at oxygen pressures less than approx 150 psi
Corrected oxygen consumption to take into account 2 pilots (it was consuming two times what it should), and improved timing of oxygen consumption as well

DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur
Fix to Sidewinder model / smoke
Fixed Master mode switch sound when using keyboard/joystick
Fixed intermittent keyboard mapping bug
Rb04 radar altimeter now works over terrain
Fix a small issue where Rb04s wouldn't fly in parallel but instead eventually converge
Fixed issue where only one bomb would be released per trigger press in DIRECT mode
Fix to Emergency pitch trim clicking nose up not working
Fixed issue where RUTA-beam would stay on the radar screen after another waypoint has been selected
Fixed that FACKLSL warning would stay on even after reload when having only one KB-pod loaded
Corrected amount of chaff and flares carried in KB-pods
Fixed issue where not all chaffs would be released
Fix to lysbomb not releasing after rearm

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations
NEW! Introducing TWS-Auto for the AWG-9
Updated tutorial mission “Carrier based take off”
Added keybinds for seat adjustment
Added Jester keybinds for BVR
Disabled AI kneeling (for supercarrier)
Added holdback bar (for supercarrier)
Added salute command (for supercarrier)
Supercarrier compatibility added for client/player
WIP: F-14B AI compatibility for supercarrier
Fixed VIS FIX updating delta continuously
Fix VDI range bar scale value not being shown
Fixed Track Hold green light
Adjusted pitch rate damper

DCS Mirage 2000c by RAZBAM
CNM logic fix. Approved and Finalized
MAG/MAV search logic update. Approved and FInalized
Selective Jettison CTD bug fix
INS: BAD Rho/Theta entry modified from KM/Deg to NM/Deg
Radar lost contact memory (DO) enabled
PCA updated: RDO Button enables/disables DO for manual unlock
Special Options update:Show the AOA in the HUD: fixed
TDC Gate Aperture for PPI Mode: Added (modificator for radar TDC in PPI mode)
TDC Keyboard Precision: Added (modificator for TDC speed when using keyboard)

Updated exterior models - fixed tail code number
Updated Training Mission 9 (LHA) - TACAN changed so there is no conflict with Kobuleti

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations
comm.lua and texture/liveries for AAR included
Fixed incorrect radar TDC el range
Fixed radar notch for surface units
Fixed data-link color issue of enemy symbol
Fixed ufcp fill-in text when input iff code
Fixed ground crew voiceover mismatched text
Fixed chrono digit issue
Fixed "music num" slider click issue
Fixed dplayer not stop after power-off
Fixed CTD when 2 802AKG hit target simultaneously
Fixed BRM1 and unguided 90mm rocket names
Adjust WMD7/701 TVIR default gain/level value
Adjust engine response now dependent on airspeed and altitude
Adjust SD-10 loft trajectory, more smooth, better energy managementloft condition: target range 30km and not jamming, pitch >= 8.0 degrees
Tweak Radar behavior:If target in notch, will try predict target position with last known target position and target velocit
SEA1/SEA2 can EXP (TODO: EXP effect), HOTAS S2_Left
Support radar AG image FRZ (MFCD OSB R3)
Switch between RBM/EXP/DBS will unfreeze radar image if it's frozen
EXP/DBS submode limit: radar MUST be following hpt or fixed point; SP state cannot switch to EXP/DBS1
Added aar light speed limitation (extend when M0.85/420knots - broken)
Added more key bindings (toggle)
Added Type-200A anti-runway bomb (single and dual on stations 2/6)
Added “hacked” station payload (missile/rocket) cannot launch

DCS Black Shark by ED
Corrected flight manual. Added descriptions of switches of PPR-800 panel
Dead Valley mission, вugfix. Ka-50 born on the perking with MiG-27 - fixed. Ka-50 group assigned to correct parkings. Removed forest on the SPG Msta position.

DCS F-18C by ED
Cage/uncage switch doesn't configure AMRAAM for Visual mode launch - Fixed
Flying without wings - Fixed
Target Vector Stem Error - Fixed
Shoot Cue given by changing RADAR range - Fixed
AGM-65E/F slew limits overflow - Fixed
Changing Laser Code for Weapon Changes D/L FREQ - Fixed
HAFU symbol in STT mode is always green - Fixed
RADAR page doesn't show flood indication if DATA button is pressed. - Fixed
Using Maverick and switching to A/A causes issues with the Maverick - Fixed
Add Update RWS DATA sub-level page
Can not select AUTO without selecting CCIP first - Fixed
Client aircraft doesn't show in MSI in radar page - Fixed
RWR tracks on radar page should be below the dugout - Fixed
Hornet cockpit lights dim - Fixed
Harpoon R/BL Skim ditch into the sea sometimes - Fixed
AGM-65E can not find JTAC laser but self TGP laser only - Fixed
Colour option on radar page does not affect ILS needle colour - Fixed
Bombs fall short if mode has not been selected by user Fixed
Weapon data set while using ground power lost when engines start - Fixed
The F/A-18C Chinese manual has been updated
Fixed default switches position without TGP
2.75' Rockets M151 HE Typo in Hornet loadout - Fixed

DCS F-16C by ED
CNI Errors (Wind data/Hack time added) - Fixed
Engine Is torching intermittent during startup - Fixed
Active (A) and Time to Impact (T) for AIM-120 Errors - Fixed
FPS Loss at High AOAAOA - fixed. Radar altimeter calculations were modified to improve performance.
TGP rewrites point coordinates to first selected point coordinates - Fixed
Missing wheel chocks model and functionality - Fixed
RWR keybindings are mapped wrong - Fixed
In MP a contact can show as Hostile and Friendly at the same time - Fixed
Added Sound effects for throttle movements
F-16 STBY Compass seems to be affected by acceleration a lot - Fixed
Added a new fake afterburner sound
Canopy tint synced in MP
US marking missing on wings - Fixed
Update to Russian localization
Training. Lesson 4 - Added CN localization. Lesson 19 - Added DE Voice-Overs.

DCS Flaming Cliffs by ED
MiG-29. Corrected reflections on the HUD
Su-25. Corrected reflections on the HUD
Su-25T. When you start the right engine you see the animation of the left engine - corrected.

First training mission. Localization reverted back to the Russian language.

DCS Mi-8MTV2 by ED
Cockpit red flood lights corrected

DCS A-10C Warthog by ED
Corrected circuit breaker panel
The DUMP lettering is restored

DCS WWII Asset Pack by ED
New AI units added to the module:Ju 88A-4 - torpedo bomber aircraft
A-20 - medium bomber aircraft
Stug III - assault gun
M10 - tank destroyer
Mk VIII Centaur IV - cruiser tank
Elefant - heavy tank destroyer
Mk IV Churchill VII - infantry tank
M8 Greyhound - armored car
8.8 cm Flak 41 - anti aircraft gun
Flakscheinwerfer 37 - searchlight
V-1 and launching ramp as static object
Shnellboot S-100 class
U-boat Type VII
LS Samuel Chase damage model corrected
APC and HE shells added for M10

DCS Combined Arms by ED
Fixed for WW2 unit incorrect sound idle run, accelerate, synchronized engine sound with transmission
Fixed saving gearbox type in tracks
Fixed loop sounds for some MG
Fixed time for reloading and rearming for some units
Increased ship CIWS efficiency (Phalanx and AK-630)
Fixed the continuation of AC tracking after destruction of the radar in Ticonderoga type of cruisers
Fixed position and animation of protective doors for Ticonderoga type of cruisers
Fixed SAM Rapier, now for the Rapier work requires LN + Blindfire and / or optical
Improved AI movement when controlling on F10 map.
Fixed the problem with the insufficient turn of TD on target
Fixed armor SPG M12

DCS Spitfire LF Mk.IX by ED
Fixes for arguments for proper visualisation of battle damage

DCS FW 190A-8 by ED
Geometry of propeller edited in 2-4 LODs for better FPS performance
Wing payload drag and mass fixed

DCS Bf 109 K-4 by ED
Added controls for new FyG 25 knob

M-2000C Red Flag by Baltic Dragon
Mission 4: fixed bug with wingmen not responding to player
A-10C The Enemy Within Campaign by Baltic Dragon
Mission 12: fixed issue with ground units (Raider) refusing to move
Mission 13: updated triggers for second briefing
WORLDS APART Spring 2025 Campaign by Low Level Heaven
Mission 3: Deleted broken trigger (Pilot dead)
Mission 5-2: Many new voice-overs, F-10 Map marker added, Score system adjusted, Skip Mission function available at the second task (final score 55)
F-5E Aggressors BFM Campaign by Mapple Flag
Mission BFM04: Updated skin for AI aircraft

Known issues
Torpedoes from U-boat or S-boat could be fired to unmoved targets only
MP: Ship speed calculated with errors and drifted, so aircraft can slide on the deck
PLAT camera view missing from the Stennis
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Windows 10 Pro x64, NVIDIA MSI RTX 2080Ti VENTUS GP, INTEL i7 4790K @4.4 GHz( Cooled by H100i ), 32GB DDR3 @1866 , Asus Z97-AR, TM Warthog, Jet provost rudder pedals, VIVE Cosmos

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Default Openbeta



DCS World
Reducing the CPU load when path finding a group of infantry.
Fix for liveries names of A-20G
Fixed crash at second landing.

DCS F-16C Viper by ED
FPS dropped several times when gear UP on the ground - fixed.

A-10C The Enemy Within 3.0 campaign by Baltic Dragon.

Mission 2: added safeguard allowing players to skip the mission in case of bugs (AI ground units path finding problems)
Mission 8: removed landing flight of A-10s that got stuck at the end of runway, preventing Player's wingman from taxiing.

Known issues
Torpedoes from U-boat or S-boat could be fired to unmoved targets only
MP: Ship speed calculated with errors and drifted, so aircraft can slide on the deck
PLAT camera view missing from the Stennis
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Introducing DCS Supercarrier by Eagle Dynamics

DCS Open Beta
DCS World

General game performance increased
Unit health bars On could cause FPS drop - fixed
Mission Editor - Individual Ship Icons in a group will no longer disappear on zoom out
Mission Editor - Changing a FARP Country will no longer reset its position
Mission Editor - Dragging an aircraft on a carrier no longer resets parking to spot #1
Mission Editor - Template menu no longer returns to USA with previous countries template
Controls GUI corrupts when scrolling - fixed
WS ship defence not defending against AGM-65. RCS limitation of CIWS Phalanx has been reduced
BGM-109B. Engine and autopilot modified. Extended range to 1700km
The effect of tracer bullets has been restored
Eliminated midnight light phenomenon
Browning guns sound update
AI ground units get stuck navigating around destroyed buildings - fixed
AI ground units refuse to move if the last WP is near a building - fixed
E-2D. Corrected collision mode and damage animation
AI aircraft unable to connect with the tanker while in a turn - fixed
Cannot move a point "Fire on point" and the similar points until you select the task in the panel of tasks - fixed
ME. Group renaming action has no immediate effect in the list - fixed
VR. Added option of the bloom effect and configure the MSAA mask
ME. Tab order on waypoint screen is out of order - fixed
Sound. No possibility to change sound devices in simulation - fixed
MP. Reduced warping and rubberbanding
MP. Improved deck landing and takeoff
MP. Improved time sync and timeout detection
MP. Added country flags to the server
MP. Player's aircraft doesn't appear in multiplayer tracks if the server was paused during the connection - fixed
MP. Dedicated server. Fill missing entries in options.lua with defaults at webgui start
MP. Favorite star in the server list disappears after refresh - fixed
MP. Laser marks remain if user left server or switches slot - fixed
MP. Fixed client desync when server was paused right in the moment of the client’s initialization
Fixed a problem with shader lines of variable length, doing constant vertices recalc
Cockpit panels illumination of AI wingmen from external F2 is not visible - fixed
S-25L missile disappears without explosion when hit the tree - fixed
The scripting engine function Object.destroy() does nothing on scenery objects. The objects remain. Fixed
AI vehicles do not follow a simple off road route - fixed
MP. Dedicated Server. A server admin using the dedicated server GUI interface to send a message into the simulation will appear as white text in the simulation. A server message to all pilots will be orange
Static units can not be placed under hardcover - fixed

WWII Asset Pack
Churchill & Cromwell IV Hull Guns now function correctly with Combined Arms
Opel Blitz Embarking Fixed
Embark for Kubelwagen 82 missing - fixed
No sounds from guns in Schnellboot type S-130 - sounds added

DCS Mirage 2000c by RAZBAM
Updated cockpit model - Corrected map chart holder not stowed

GPWS "Pull Up" rules rework to make it less sensitive
TPOD now stows when placed in Standby
Sidewinder SEAM mode is enabled
Sidewinder firing when not in AA mode bug fix
Sidearm firing when not in AG mode bug fix
MPCD + HUD Night mode update
EMERG Page with Emergency procedures is enabled

Various WCA and Auditory Cue Corrections
Corrected issue causing infinite sound bug
Improved delays of auditory cues to when the fault occurs
Improved prioritization of auditory cues based on fault priority
Fixed GEAR WCA light and auditory cue logic
Fixed errant CAUTION, CAUTION auditory alert when starting mission
Further improvements to GPWS auditory tone logic as well as corrected rules for determining GPWS alert conditions
Fixed CAUTION, CAUTION not allowed to replay for a minimum of 5 seconds if already played

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev
Optimized Collision model, reducing number of polygons to improve FPS
Improved ejection seat 3D model and added new textures
Added common bindings to EB and CC joystick profiles. Flashlight can now be assigned to joystick button
Added Airmix-100% oxygen control. Oxygen consumption works correctly on both 100% and Airmix positions. Pilot's oxygen starvation works correctly on both 100% and Airmix positions
Updated EN and ES localizations
Fixed some discrepancies in control inputs
Fixed typo in EN Flight Director training mission
Control inputs reorganization
Fixed rudder trim control input binding
Added Throttle Idle Detent - Idle and Throttle Idle Detent - Stop input commands. Previously there was only Throttle Idle Detent Toggle
Fixed throttle idle-cutoff control animation
Added Wheel Brakes axis cheat (braking both wheels at the same time) to C-101 EB and C-101 CC
Fixed missing rear cockpit pilot kill event
Oxygen breathing indicator now doesn't work if the pilot is dead or not present in the cockpit
Added PBR to stairs textures of cockpit model and external model
Antiskid is now functional
Added antiskid failure. It can now be selected in Mission Editor
Added antiskid fail due to gear damage
Added "Allow Smoke On Ground" option to Mission Editor
Smoke system of C-101EB is now not possible to activate on ground if Mission Editor option "Allow Smoke On Ground" is not ticked
Trim tone and light will go off now when reaching trimming limits
Fixed several errors in dcs.log
Added RAD TEST switch - OUT position in IFF panel to control input bindings
Sight does not change now when depressing the trigger if guard is closed
Fixed weapons switch, it starts now in the off position at mission start
Fixed roll angle marks in ADI. They now show bank angle precisely
Added 45 degrees marks to HSI
Added aft lubber line to HSI
Fixed vertical deviation scale of HSI: replaced center dot by center line
Fixed heading bug of HSI. It doesn’t overlap now fore lubber line
Mark in turn and slip indicator shows now a 3°/sec standard turn rate
Added smooth movement to turn and slip indicator needle

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations
Fixed S2_Left should not command radar stop following hpt in SAM
Fixed spt should be dropped if spt exceed scan pattern limits in DTT
Fixed ground/sea target speed filter, will not drop ground/sea target if relative speed is greater than radar speed filter gate
Fixed radar will stay in STBY and SIL mode if WOW, and STBY and SIL mode cannot be disabled manually if WOW
Fixed autostart script
Fixed Type-200 animation (walk-around, still needs ED to implement 3-stage scheme: parachute-cabin mounted -> parachute out -> engine on/parachute cabin disappears)
Fixed AI radio command: wingman 'Engage'->'My Target', AWACS 'declare'
Fixed DL contact IFF fast changing issue
Fixed CM-802AKG trajectory affected by RP (Channel 30-35) editing after MIL mode launch. Incorrect use Route Points stored in MIL POD, should use weapon independent Route Points(set by WCS before launched)
Fixed campaign/single mission animations (rework animation trk)
Fixed QFE setting caused CTD
Added radar SAM sub mode ASM/NAM:
if hpt is designated in RWS (radar mode into SAM), pilot can cycle ASM/NAM SAM sub mode by HOTAS/key S2_Left
NAM: pilot have to set radar scan az and line manually
ASM: radar scan az and line is set automatic, cannot manually set by pilot. hpt range > 20nm, 30.0 degrees 2 line; hpt range <= 20nm, 15.0 degrees, 4 line
Added DTOS/DIR mode for bomb
DIP of DTOS/DIR can be modified in MFCD->DATA->AS
DIP unit is mrad, range 30 ~ 140
Added assigned target line for self-aircraft in HSD when DL is on
Added new cockpit click sound effect (recorded from simulator)
Added Pull-up warning (based on current descent rate, if RALT will be below RALT MIN after 2 second)
Added starter ignition sound, smoke and flame (Customized effect preset will be added in next update)
Added engine start flame (Customized effect preset will be added in next update)
Added AP keybinding
Added seat up/down adjustment (limited to -58mm ~ 158mm), no default key assigned, setting->JF-17->seat
Added SRS export support
Updated FM: thrust/fuel flow
Updated cockpit model/texture
Updated landing gear model
Updated kneeboard page of APR: add ATC freq (player no need to check F10)
Adjusted TV/IR image effect
Adjusted "hacked" loadout restriction to MP only
Adjusted ground crew voiceover volume/speed
Tweak viewport export
Updated free campaign
It’s recommended to restart the campaign
Now 6 missions form a more coherent plot: 01-06
4 new missions added: 01, 02, 05, and 06
07 and 09 will rejoin the campaign once the left half of campaign missions finished later this year
07 and 09 can be played in Single

DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
Auto start/stop feature added
Probable fix to NaN warning in DCS.log
Fix to airbase names sometimes corrupting kneeboard flight plan
Fix to "unknown weapon type" warning in log
Fix so two RWR-lights are on when the emitter is between coverage of the two antennas
Fix for last signal time in ELINT-analysis
F10 markings map is now grouped by author so you can select either your own flight plan or someone else’s. Markings now also display time of creation
Improved track-replay consistency, especially for taxiing

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations
Updated Cage the Bear Campaign, including two new missions - thank you Kaba!
NEW: Added 8 new missions for DCS: Supercarrier, 6x Quickstart Case 1, Case 3 and Carrier Quals for Caucasus and Persian Gulf, 2x COOP 2 to 8 Carrier Quals for both Caucasus and Persian Gulf
Correlate datalink targets on TID to sensor targets
Tweaked hostile/friendly/unknown TID symbol sizes
Fixed Jester TWS-A /TWS-M endless loop with phoenix in air and player commands during TWS-A
Fixed jester switching to RWS with scan ranges set to < 100 nm
Fixed HUD steering tee in TWS-A
Tweaks to reduce TWS ghost track formation
Reset TID tracks on PGM RESTART (“soft purge”)
Fixed HUD/VDI to use AHRS instead of INS heading
Fixed HUD glow showing without power
Major overhaul of exterior night lighting:
Lights are now brighter
Lights now cast glow
Some lights now dynamically illuminate the aircraft and environment
All lights are now visible at much greater view distances
Lowered intensity of landing light
Anti-collision and shoulder formation lights now cast dynamic lighting on the ground and other surfaces
Fixed afterburner spotlight light direction
Added salute option to comms for consistency between modules (won't trigger animation for now - Supercarrier)
Added radio comms for “Tomcat Ball” (Supercarrier)
Added keybind for “Tomcat Ball” (Supercarrier)
Fixed AI wingsweep not working on ground (Supercarrier)
Fix to comms commands for ground crew launch
Added CVN-71, CVN-72 and CVN-73 to RWR threat library (Supercarrier)
Fixed datalink connections with supercarrier. (Note: ACLS is currently off glideslope, we will fix it asap. ICLS is working as intended)
Fixed nose wheel steering scaling and initialization
Removed vJoy FFB check (Brunner stick should work now)
Reduced flap pitch moment and adjusted it vs. airspeed
Tweak to F110 fuel controller to reduce fuel flow overshoots
Probable fix to engine not re-lighting after damage or death
Adjusted flap lift and drag at speeds above deploy speed limit
Adjusted default starting pitch trim
Fixed issue where ground spoilers would deploy regardless of flap lever position with throttle at IDLE
Fixed kneel switch solenoid (no longer need to hold switch to kneel nosegear)

DCS F-18C Hornet by ED
Litening Pod:
Added Indication of the position of the aircraft (Attitude Indicator/AoA indicator/ASL/Steering Cue)
Added FLIR Laser Ranging Indication
Litening TPOD head no longer stows when in STBY or OFF (The Litening TPOD external model's head is not longer stowed when the FLIR power switch is moved to the STBY or OFF position) - Fixed
FLIR stow additional conditions (OPR status, LG down, RAlt less than 200ft/OPR status, WoW, Ground Speed more than 5kts) - Fixed
LTD/R switch should have 2 positions - Fixed
TGP has incorrect IR FOV angles - Fixed
TGP elevation should be tied to horizon line instead of aircraft boresight - Fixed
TGT and FLIR Square Misaligned (https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=267115) - Fixed
TGP still works even if removed during rearm - Fixed
Zoom control indication occupies 2 pushbuttons when it should occupy 3 - Fixed
Added GRAY option
Added ALG option (Automatic Gain and Level control option)
AGM-65F seeker LOS indication is not proper- Fixed
JDAM - (add: IZLAR/ Auto Mode for PP and TOO Mode / dynamic TOF /TOT -PP Cue - In-Zone / TOT cue on HUD/ heading is defined for IZLAR)
AIM-7 can be guided via LTWS - Fixed
AIM-120 can guide to a target even if the radar cannot see the target in TWS mode - Fixed
FPS issues on the SA page - Fixed
Radar trackfiles aging out very quickly - Fixed
Prog 2 ignored if undesignate is used in auto mode - Fixed
Uncaged AGM-65F does not slave to the same point as pod - Fixed
AI do not show cockpit light in F2 view - Fixed
Parked F-18 static model has wrong aileron position - Fixed
Bright AMPCD/HUD at Night - Fixed
Missiles launched in RWS after tracking in LTWS perform incorrect guidance - Fixed
F-18 radar does not provide data-link in TWS mode - Fixed
Reset scale on SA page for elements, set max position value for calculating symbols on SA page like on HSI page - Fixed
Cockpit SNSR panel texture edited
Missions to be re-saved for branch
Harpoon BOL HPTP Ignores waypoint and flies bearing immediately - Fixed
Laser Mav will not show LKD if targeting a building - Fixed

DCS F-16С Viper by ED
Strobe light need to be brighter at night - Fixed
Anti collision light not seen on multiplayer servers - Fixed
LEF should be at 2° up during cold start.- Fixed
FCR Hostiles returning Friendly - Fixed
Highlight of the selected weapon is not removed after selective jettison - Fixed
SAI Arrow does not move with ball - Fixed
Fuel tanks weight is incorrect - Fixed
Training mission CCRP bombing is in game mode - Fixed
INS Alignment: STOR HDG alignment doesn't finish - Fixed
Interior lighting at minimum power has lower brightness then without lighting in day light - Fixed
Tail texture improvement
Self illumination materials edited
Typo. F-16C Inputs. Ru localization
Quick start and training missions cause abnormal DCS behavior

DCS L-39 Albatros by ED
Fixed training missions for L-39. Mission "GS-23 Gun": fixed typo in English localization. Mission "PK-3 Gun Pods": 4 Gun Pods are used

DCS Mi-8MTV2 by ED
Mi-8 Spring Tension - no progress in mission 11 - fixed
Cut electric lights on damage
Animation of the weapon light on the overhead corrected
Cockpit illumination tuned
Corrected rotor of cockpit cooling ventilator

DCS Fw 190 D9 and A8 by ED
Corrected the instruments lighting in the cockpit

DCS UH-1H Huey by ED
UH-1H RPM Increase input not working correctly - fixed.
UN Pilot campaign. Player and wingman spawn in one place - fixed

DCS F-5E by ED
The color of the reticle lightened
The color of the radar indication lightened
Corrected cockpit lighting
Cut electrical lights on damage

DCS P-51D Mustang by ED
Cut electrical lights on damage
Piston engine sound dropped - fixed

DCS Su-33 by ED
If the player on Su-33 requests repair on the deck, his plane should be moved to a free parking place

DCS F-86F Sabre by ED
Cut electrical lights on damage

DCS Bf 109 K4 by ED
Cut electrical lights on damage

DCS Su-25 by ED
NAV lights do not cast shadows

DCS Black Shark 2 by ED
Added the mirrors toggles commands
Georgian Oil War Campaign to DCS 2.5x Compatibility done by MadDog-IC
Georgian Oil War - Grand Campaign - mission ATO-A-P4.2 Added trigger with removing trees action for tank platoon "G Tank 1"
Corrected single missions by MadDog-IC
Clear Tkvarcheli.miz corrected. A player will not be spawn with his wingman on the same site
Added option to hide cyclic / stick in cockpit
ABRIS. Change date in setup menu caused DCS crash - fixed

DCS A-10C Warthog by ED
Corrected Single Player Missions by MadDog-IC. Added all localizations EN, RU, CN, CS, ES, DE, FR to missions where appropriate. Moved all Units out of trees
Text above G-meter backlit - fixed

DCS Combined Arms by ED
M163 Vulcan was invulnerable to HE rockets - fixed
Missile blows up right after launch on player-controlled SA-15 - fixed
Fixed position of Driver camera on Sd.Kfz.234/2
Animation of AT-3 Sagger fixed on barrel elevation of BMP-1 and BMD-1
Barrel visibility issues fixed on SPTD “Msta” while zooming out
Effective altitude of “Tunguska” SA-19 missiles is now limited to 3500 metres
Combined Arms Aircraft ignore speed if not set by slider - fixed
Opel Blitz Embark not working - fixed

The Museum Relic Campaign by Apache600:

Mission 8.6 for MiG-15 and F-86: Fail safe helo F10 radio operations fixed, and missing radio comms restored
F-5E Aggressors ACM Campaign, F-5E Aggressors BFM Campaign, F-15C Aggressors BFM Campaign, F/A-18C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Maple Flag:

Practice missions now placed in their own campaign
Minor updates to the briefing text in all missions
Spitfire IX The Big Show, P-51D Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney, Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger campaigns by Reflected Simulations:

New WWII assets added to the missions
"Remove units for better performance" option optimized in high unit count missions
A-10C AAT and A-10C TTQ Campaigns by Maple Flag:

Practice missions now placed in their own campaign
Combined Arms: Frontlines Georgia Campaign:

Adjusted missions with new Hidden on Planner Option for better Fog of War
Adjusted unit death requirements for advancement
Other minor fixes and tweaks with all missions
World´s Apart 2020 Campaign

Fíxed vehicle spawn points in Mission 1
Community Manager Eagle Dynamics
Windows 10 Pro x64, NVIDIA MSI RTX 2080Ti VENTUS GP, INTEL i7 4790K @4.4 GHz( Cooled by H100i ), 32GB DDR3 @1866 , Asus Z97-AR, TM Warthog, Jet provost rudder pedals, VIVE Cosmos

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