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Originally Posted by Emmy View Post
Is 1.15 enforced forum-wide in ALL languages?

Reason I ask is that I do see other games mentioned by title right in the title of the post and they often return to the New Posts feed (meaning they don’t get purged for a while) and they’re almost always in Russian.
The Russian side has decided to handle things slightly different, they tend to let it go even more, but also tend to have a higher suspension/ban rate than us. We are a lot busier on the English side, and tend to like to cut down on the drama where we can.
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Fair Enough...
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So in other words: It is OK to post entire threads about other games on the russian side, while it is not OK to do the same on the english side of the forums? Not exactly my understanding of "fair enough"...
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Like the forum because of those rules. Very simple.

When I read other forums and read the garbage some write, mildly expressed, I ask myself, how do they behave in RL, I guess not too much different.

Keep it strict and clean, that way we all benefit the most in the long run.
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