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Originally Posted by philstyle View Post
We're talking about poor customer service/interaction in this thread. This extra "objectivity" sounds more like an additional explanation of why they're so poor at it.

I didn't have intention to justify Ugra-Media devs or question critics of Normandy map - it obviously has a lot of issues and most of user complains are reasonable, just wanted to provide more info. In fact I don't even have Normandy map. I'd also like to see some feedback from Ugra-Media devs (even if it's posted on russian part of the forum only).
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Originally Posted by philstyle View Post
Waiting months and months?
No, this:

Originally Posted by philstyle View Post
Well given that Ugra media is most likely some students and a lecturer running their operation from a polytech, I am not surprised that they don't have much of a customer-service ethic.

Listing: https://4science.ru/organization/OOO-UGRA-MEDIA
Full name of organization
Limited Liability Company "YUGRA-MEDIA"
Head of the organization
Mansurov Sergey Alexandrovich
628011, Khanty-Mansiysk, Student, house 27, office 505

Address is listed as room 505 in a student block!
It's within the Tekhnopark Vysokikh Tekhnologiy

Their contact details page still has placeholder text: http://ugra-media.ru/#footer

My guess is these guys are cheap-cheap-cheap, which is why they're getting contracts (quality be damned?)
Just unsubstantiated mud-slinging.
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Originally Posted by Weta43 View Post
No, this:

Just unsubstantiated mud-slinging.
ED should not have worked with them in the first place if they knew Ugra could not deliver. So it's ED's fault too that these things happen. End of discussion.
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Lets all just relax and see what the future brings. I think after the syria map we will see some fixes on normandy map and interaction, hopefully.
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Well, I like the Normandie-map.

Yes, it has some problems and I especially do dislike the shimmering.

But overall its a beautiful map and I also enjoy flying my more modern jets there.
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I am very much looking forward to the Syria map.

Not sure why people have a hard time giving Ugra the benefit of doubt, realizing that 3rd party devs are able to improve upon their first efforts based on "lessons learned" and apply that to their new map project? Isn't that how progress is made?

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I am beginning to understand why the Normandy map is so bad, especially compared with Caucasus and Nevada....
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