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I'm very much looking forward to the Yak-52, and this report increases my anticipation. This is going to be quite an airplane lover's module. Thanks for the information!
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do you plan to implement the new pistol engine model to previous ww2 birds?
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Originally Posted by bephanten View Post
do you plan to implement the new pistol engine model to previous ww2 birds?
Yak-52 got the standard model similar to the previous WWII planes. The model is sophisticated enough starting from the Mustang, and any new model gets only its own differencies the real engine has. For example, MBG and air mass flow oriented MP control for Dora, variable speed blower for DB-60x, etc.
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Good job!
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Looks much like the ARASQ data I use to gauge if our real simulator is performing correctly.

Nice to see it being used here.
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radial and rotary are different designs and shouldnt be casually confused.
hahaha hey look at me i surely know more about aviation and coding than actual industry professionals hired for their competency because i have read jalopnik and wikipedia i bet theyve never even heard of google LOL
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Originally Posted by Yo-Yo View Post
It is almost the same "slow" model working in all our piston engines. The air start was added, so the air from the air system is injected over pistons driving the engine.
Oh, ok thank you!
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Exciting stuff, can't wait for this module and thanks for the behind the scenes peek. Very interesting.
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There is a IRL stunt pilot here who said it will be interesting to see how well modeled negative flight/airflow will be, stunts like the Bell Tailslide etc.

This was posted below in the Christen Eagle II threads below, but would like to know if this can be closely modeled in the FM's? for the Yak-52 or any aircraft in DCS.

Originally Posted by Smokin Hole View Post
As the owner of a Pitts S1S and a regular aerobatic competitor, I wish you well with the Eagle. It is a nice machine. Nothing like a Pitts of course, but nice!

Aerobatics is my passion. Flight sims are a hobby. I have found that attempting to mix the two to be a big fat failure. Flight sims, and DCS in particular, do an amazing job mimicking flight smack in the middle of the envelope where 99% of pilots spend 100% of their time but they do a horrible job of modeling flight in the nether regions, areas of stalled and reversed airflow. Most of competition aerobatics is spent here. As a test bed to improve this situation, I see the Eagle as an excellent choice. I am certain that I am not the only DCS user who has actually flown it. It's commonality makes real world comparisons easy to get. The risk is that it will only serve to highlight how weak DCS can be. No one here flies a Bf109 so any doubt can be explained away. That luxury will not exist for the Eagle.
As far as I'm concerned, I still think DCS is miles ahead of any other sim on the market, especially when it comes to the FM's and at the edge of the flight envelope.

This is going to be sickening in VR if able to perform like that

Yak-52 Tail Slide and Flip

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I have a question regarding control forces.

I know it's a very complicated issue, but there are multiple aircraft in DCS, most notably the Spitfire, which when left without any control axes tweaking, are extremely touchy on the controls and even unstable in some cases.
The 109 has seen the implementation of a control deflection limitation with speed, so as to stiffen the response and give it a very comfortable weight.

My question then is : Is that "issue" also considered in the case of the Yak-52 ? My understanding is that it's DCS' current physics research airframe.
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