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Really need more context to answer this.

Would it be just a prop? Would it be controllable? Interiors? Systems? What happens with it in MP? Can people who don't own it still fly from it?
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A proper Naval Module development is a must I think , side by side and coexisting with the ones in progress by ED, Carrier Ops . Yes, some kind of LHD would be cool, Iwo Jima class, Tarawa or Essex . A controllable unit with some proper interiors and systems would be brilliant.
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I took Prowler's question to mean, if they built an LHA that was specifically built with helicopter flight operations (read spawn points) in mind, would we be willing to pay for it? My answer is a resounding "YES!!!" I would love to see it come with the ability to control the bridge - speed and direction - and maybe even a radar/ATC position and control the ship's weapons, but they would be just a huge bonus and not a condition of purchase.

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Originally Posted by zaelu View Post

And put an explanation to that LHA abbreviation...
The LHA stands for Landing Helicopter Assault, which is generally a general term that encompasses an amphibious warfare ship that is capable of handling rotary wing and V/STOL aircraft.

In US service, this has traditionally meant the Tarawa class of LHAs, which were designed in the 1970s as a response to declining enlistment rates by combining the roles of what would have traditionally been two classes of ships (Landing Platform Docks "LPDs" and Landing Platform Helicopters "LPH"). They were equipped with a spacious flight deck designed for mass sorties of marine laden troop helicopters, and could also facilitate AV-8 Harriers and even OV-10 Broncos. In addition to their flight decks they were also equipped with a well deck, capable of operating all existing types of amphibious vehicles, as well as what was then the brand new LCAC. There is also the new America class of LHAs, which are based directly off the Wasp class hull, but feature various improvements. The first (only) two ships of this class omit the traditional well deck for an expanded hanger deck, and essentially function as LPHs. They're specifically designed to handle large numbers of F-35Bs and MV-22 Ospreys.

Related are the Wasp class of LHDs, or Landing Helicopter Docks. This is a follow on to the LHAs that aimed to a series of problems and complaints that the Navy had uncovered with the previous class. Examples of changes include enlarging the flight deck, removing the obsolete cheek mounted 5'' naval cannons, relocating the rear deck elevator to the aft port quarter of the flight deck, reducing the size of the island by relocating Marine C2 spaces deeper within the hull to better protected spaces.

In practice these ships will be paired with an LPD (Landing Platform Dock), and an LSD (Landing Ship Dock), as well as a CRUDESRON (Cruiser Destroyer Squadron) to form an Amphibious Ready Group or ARG. This will form the transport of a Marine Expeditionary Unit or MEU(SOC). Three of these are deployed globally at anytime, and act as America's primary global contingency force.

Operationally generally the LHA/D will carry the aviation component of an MEU (duh), as well as a company of marines specializing in air assault. The LSD, which carries the majority of supplies for any operation will stay in general proximity to the LHA/D. The LPD, which carries the marine's AAV-7 "Amtrak" contingent, as well as two infantry companies, one specializing in boat assaults, will be given more leeway in it's operational discretion. If for some reason the force needs to be split, the LPD will be the one wandering off on its own.

Finally these ships are all expensive as being of the utmost strategic significance to US foreign policy, so the Navy attempts to keep them as insulated from harm as possible. In event of an amphibious operation, doctrine generally emphasizes using helicopters, LCACs, and LCMs to ferry troops to the shore while the amphibious ships stay over the horizon from any threats. Once a beach head is secured and any artillery or surface missile threats have been dealt with, the ships will approach closer to shore (obviously this is not hard or fast).

If any Gator Navy vets want to come in and school me on how wrong I go these points, feel free to

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Originally Posted by Silver_Dragon View Post
The main problem of a crew-able ship with pilot-able weapons / command positions is required to build by ED the appropriate dlls and base code. RAZBAM cant build them meanwhile ED dont put the blocks on the base code. The same situations has on a "pilot-able" vehicle module (not CA).

A rotund Yes to more ships into DCS: World.
That is then the problem ED should build on.

Meaning that ED should prepare to make systems for modules that allows to be a actual JTAC on ground (a foot soldier camping somewhere with a transmitters, range finders etc).

A GCI where player can actually sit and stare the radar screen and talk.

SAM systems where player can again sit and stare the radar screen and flip switches etc.

Air Controller in a tower where player can move between seats or standing places (like swapping seat in a helicopter).

A ground vehicle crew positions.

Just like then having a placements for carriers as deck operators to guide aircrafts landings etc.

That would as well give possibilities then to even have good ATC and ground crew where there would be models to swap your weapons, refuel you and guide you in/out etc.

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although I voted yes, I wonder if it's within the realm of possibility that the LHA gets swapped for a wasp LHD? That would be something I'd really like to see and buy.
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Originally Posted by Sryan View Post
although I voted yes, I wonder if it's within the realm of possibility that the LHA gets swapped for a wasp LHD? That would be something I'd really like to see and buy.
Agreed. For the time frame of the AV-8B NA and the B+, the Wasps make the most sense.
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Voted yes but it really depends. It would have to be relatively cheap (under $10) and needs to have a free version for MP use. This is an area where great care would need to be taken in the concept phase.
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I also voted yes. I would definitely buy something high-fidelity to fly the AV-8B off of.

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If you build a Harrier and an LHA - I may never takeoff or land from a land base again..
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