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Originally Posted by HawkEXO View Post
I thought the Huey did. I swear it chirped at me when I was overrunning the collective. I'm not that familiar with it though, or helicopters in general honestly.

If it's really that common for helos to not have an audible for such a flight critical failure, that blows my mind. It's pretty much death every time in the Gazelle. Remind me when I get a real life Gazelle to solder a $1 buzzer in series with that red light circuit.
If you force the Huey, the rotor RPMs go down, that's the "alarm" you are hearing.
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The huey chirps when the main rotor rpms go down below a certain value. In helicopters you have to monitor torque and temperatures regularly to avoid exceeding limits.
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Newer helicopters have them, older ones don't. I had an astar pilot checking out my cockpit the other day and he was blown away I didn't have a torque warning. You just know to keep an eye on your gauges. If I'm doing a lift I can bring the line tight, look at my gauge and pull to my max power and leave the collective right there. No over torques.
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The Huey doesn't have a single audio alarm except low rotor rpm.

As for the rwr, uh, all of the other modules seemed to have solved their issues. It took less than a week for HB to solve their black wings problem, and ED was nice enough to even push a patch to resolve it for the community.

Hate to be the bad guy here, but it's been MONTHS since these issues showed up on Gazelle, and with how fast the other revs are correcting stuff that ED breaks it seems more like you guys are either overwhelmed or just don't care to resolve them. Furthermore, the module seems to be going backwards? Every few months a patch breaks something else on Gazelle it seems. First multiplayer, then camera, now sounds.

I can get behind Leon's request of a real answer for "when?".

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Originally Posted by viper2097 View Post
Honestly, I was thinking about buying the Gazelle.
Glad that this thread now prevented me from doing it.
Too bad, seems to be an interesting Helicopter.
If you love the harrier, you'll love the Gaz
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