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And target practice for Huey’s
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Did you see this version? It is similar in concept but far different manufacturing and composite materials, new wing design. Cockpit is what I liked most! Very different.


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I would love a AN-2 in DCS..!
The first time I saw one for real was during my line training as a new hire first officer. As we rolled down the runway at Krakow, there were some 5 or 6 AN-2 lined up on holding at a halfway intersection. I got so mesmerized that I forgot to call V1 and rotate...
The captain wrote ”No sightseeing during take off! Focus!” in my training log :-D

Would be cool to drop paratroopers and special forces in DCS.
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I would love to buy a nice DCS version of the AN-2 (with western instruments please ).

Airdrop missions is something vital to not only combat situations, but also for humanitarian missions. I do not remember any simulation that had this option. DCS could be a nice platform for this kind of missions, with Hercules, Buffallos, Casas, An-26s and all sort of cool military transport planes.

The An-2 being such a unique aircraft, given that it´s "already there" for P3D, would be a smart move.
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