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View Poll Results: Would you like the Yak to get NS430 3D integration
Yes 133 88.67%
No, the pop-up is good enough 17 11.33%
Voters: 150. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by Vinny002 View Post
I would vote no on the GPS on the Yak-52 since there are no GPSs in the 1970s and 1980, so therefore the ADF in the Yak-52 is used for navigation!! Thanks!!

Because there's so muh difference between the 1970s Yak-52 and the one they are making yesterday. Oh wait, there isn't @@ It's also irrelevant, as this is a bolt on GPS in the first place. Whether it 'had it originally' or not doesn't matter. The Su-25A didn't have a GPS either, however the RF has bolted a Garmin on the dash in every one of their planes.

You'd still have to buy and enable the module for it anyway. It's not magically going to appear, nor would you have to use it even if it did.

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NS430 is an obvious choice, its an addon that isnt by any means a must have on the aircraft.

it would just work like the L39 and at least you dont have to give anything up to use it.

Many aircraft from many years ago use garmins that are bolted on as well as different transponders , radios and hell even instruments sometimes.

i say give it to most civil aircraft as it gives them a choice on if they wanna navigate vfr or ifr
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Yes vote from me. It's irresponsible to fly an aircraft without any navigation system.

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I can send my panel cutout for when I put a IFD 440 in my first Yak 52. The Avidyne IFD-440 and the GNS 430 use the same tray and have the same pin out. You also save about 36 pounds by removing the original remote radio as well as the front and rear cockpit head units.
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Originally Posted by cordite View Post
Who would like an integrated NS430 module for this aircraft?
Seeing that the Radio Navigation system doesn't work on this aircraft, the NS430 integration would be welcomed....
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