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59th - VFS - Ravens

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Default Singleplayer/Multiplayer Mission to Practice Carrier Ops and More.

I wanted to make a simple mission so that friends could practice carrier operations and tankering with the improved Su33. Then I added an Mi-8 as another platform from which to watch the action. Then it grew a bit to the following mission. You can have fun flying it alone or host it as a co-op. Takes up to 11 clients. The boats start about 11 KM NW of Batumi steaming north. If you just want to practice traps and refueling, you will not be harassed by the enemy flights.


Dusk carrier and refueling ops.

5 Su33 slots at Batumi (Hot start on ramp, 50% fuel): WPT 1 = Carrier, WPT 2 = Tanker.
4 Su33 slots on the Kruznetzov (at launch, 40% fuel): WPT 1 = Tanker.
1 Mi8 slot on the Kruznetzov: (Hot start near bow. ENSURE NO LANDING TRAFFIC.)
1 Mi8 slot at Batumi (Cold Start).


Two adversary flights of F-15s and A-10s will launch from Sukhumi and patrol west. Once they are down two more will launch (F-16s and A-10s).
A few enemy vehicles are on the main road NW of Gali (Red Bullseye).
Mi8s can find cargo for the boats at Batumi (middle ramp).

Ammo -> Pyotr Velikiy
Container -> Neustrahimy
Bombs -> Admiral Kruznetzov
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File Type: miz Su33 Carrier Ops v3b.miz (24.0 KB, 112 views)
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Default Cleaning Day

Name: Cleaning Day
Author: chrisofsweden / Jinx
Mission type: Singleplayer
Controllable: A-10C/SU-25/SU-25T/KA-50

Quick Summary:

Insurgents have taken control over Kobuleti Airbase.
In 10 minutes, a Georgian armored force, callsign Rhino, located just south of Kobuleti City, is rolling north towards Kobuleti Airbase to remove the insurgents and retake the Airbase.

Papa Bear (player+wingman) is assigned to provide close air support to Rhino if needed.

(Papa Bear, selectable A-10C, SU-25, SU-25T, KA-50)

Estimated mission time ~1h.

Link/Download: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/3026848/
Full brief/Discussion thread: N/A
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Default Floodgates

Name: Floodgates
Author: Paul Marsh (pdmarsh/Skeeter)
Mission Type: MP
Controllable Aircraft: AJS-37/AV-8B/A-10C/Su-25T/F-15C/M-2000C/FA-18C
DCS World: 2.5

Quick Summary
Strike mission built around AJS-37 and/or AV-8B Harrer with multiple objectives and supported by CAS, SEAD and CAP flights.

Mission file download:

Full brief/Discussion thread:
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Default Hunter's Nest

Author: SpectruM
Mission type: MP COOP
Controllable: HARRIER, F-14, F-18, M2000C, VIGGEN, A-10C
Discussion Thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=241564
Mission file download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/okmdosq5jc...201.0.zip?dl=0
Quick Summary: Through satellite images we have detected the arrival of 3 "kilo" diesel submarines to the port of Novorossiysk, in the middle of enemy territory.

It is the first time that we have detected the presence of Russian submarines in ports close to the territory in conflict, we presume that it may be a consequence of maintenance or breakdowns that require urgent attention.

The weak air defenses available at the port of Novorossiysk presents us with an invaluable opportunity to destroy the submarines that are fully exposed, but after their arrival, several warships with powerful antiaircraft systems have been incorporated to serve as temporary coverage.

The high command has decided that the opportunity is very valuable, the attack will be made early in the morning.

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