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I have to say I never was a fan of Russian airframes, especially the older ones, but MiG-19 is such a nice beast to fly I really enjoy working on it. I'll definitely throw in some extra SP/MP single missions into it (the full campaign would have to wait for a little more airframes and assets from the era, although who knows?).

But not to derail the topic - to the OP, if you have the NTTR I'd recommend doing the training there, it is more recent with redone VOs etc. If I can I will also upgrade the Caucasus ones, but there is so much to be done and so little spare time...
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Originally Posted by Rudel_chw View Post
I'm really happy to see that Razbam keeps working with you for their products .. it's a big factor on my purchase intentions..
Absolutely! This was the main (maybe only) reason I bought both the Mirage and the Harrier. It shows a commitment to provide quality content for the game above and beyond just building the aircraft - which much of DCS lacks.

Originally Posted by baltic_dragon View Post
Glad you liked it guys. Just doing the same for the MiG-19 when it comes to tutorials. I LOVE the Russian accent of the instructor and am preparing some additional touches and Easter Eggs related to that. And sorry for off-topic
This sounds great. I know it sounds corny to say, but I love the foreign accents in the English voice-overs. It adds so much to the atmosphere of the game. There have been many games where the voices used completely turn me off (I'm shallow); the yeehah voice of Strike Fighters and the goatrope voice in Falcon 4 made cringe every single time I heard them.

The French accent for the Mirage adds much to the atmosphere of the campaign and compliments your narrative, which is so well written. This is something that a generic, nonsensical accent would definitely detract from.

I know it takes a long time to have such high production value, but it's totally worth it in my opinion. If you keep making campaigns this way, I will keep buying them, without a doubt.
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Originally Posted by CybrSlydr View Post
Due to my inability to control myself during the holiday sale, I picked up the Mirage 2000. I was originally debating between either it or the F5E module. I adore the F5 but I was worried I would be disappointed by it being too old-school with its avionics.

I was right. lol

So I ended up purchasing the Mirage as well and WOW! This is a great plane!

I think it's exactly what I was looking for - small, fast, maneuverable and able to do AA or AG.

I think the performance, compared to the F5, is what really surprised me. This plane is QUICK!

Currently trying to get all the bits figured out through the tutorials (nice job getting someone who speaks French to do the voiceovers - gives it that much more authenticity IMHO), but I'm really enjoying it!

As I hear the -5 update is in the works, I'm very much looking forward to that!
I agree completely with what you're saying, it's a great module

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I like the Mirage, it`s a nice aircraft, BUT, RAZBAM have to update the cockpit textures for VR, it`s completely subpar in comparison to other modules. All the switching is completely unreadable. Not really acceptable for today`s users.
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Originally Posted by Zoomer View Post
I like the Mirage, it`s a nice aircraft, BUT, RAZBAM have to update the cockpit textures for VR, it`s completely subpar in comparison to other modules. All the switching is completely unreadable. Not really acceptable for today`s users.
I know what you mean, I use the Rift.
But to be fair, this aren't the cockpit textures that are subpar, these are VR headset resolution.

And VR compliant cockpit textures would be weird/ ugly on full HD (and higher) screens.

The ideal would be able to switch between normal/ VR like we switch between French/ English.
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Been playing the Mirage some more and it's only solidified that it's my favorite module.

It's relatively simple, has a good A/A loadout and decent A/G loadout, manuverable, powerful and fast, and it's a sexy looking plane!
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By far my favourite airframe to get up in. I fly in oculus and I’m really happy with it. Can’t wait to see the Mirage III
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I will chime in here as well and say the Mirage is one of my top 4 modules I fly in DCS. So much fun with the systems, good looking bird. Interesting systems and the fact one can do both A2G and A2A along with Air2Air refueling just makes it plain fun.
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I was not really interested in Mirage but bought it anyway from the sale as I had no better ideas. I absolutely fell in love with it. I flew tutorials, absolutely I loved the âccent, I have worked years with Frenchies, I felt so at home with it. And it is so nice to fly. I love the avionics, the ILS and virtual runway so nice. Towards the end of the campaign I already felt quite confident with it. Couple of mig-29s bring them on, first gets the missile and the second gets his azz chewed with the gun, no sweat, did not even feel the pulse raising. Oh no real problem with VR and Rift. I do not think Mirage is that bad at all. The cockpit layout is pretty clear, not at all the worst one around there - it is rather the VR goggles that I find wanting.

I forced myself to get started with Viggen before doing the second campaign, this way I have something to look forward to. One of the best buys for DCS I have made.
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