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Default Dryad help :)


Not sure to understand the Dryad part..

From the doc :

The second mode is used to encrypt short numeric information. The coder arbitrarily
selects two letters at random. The first letter designates a row in the current active
page. The second one is used similarly to the authentication mode, except that the
letter immediately to the right is selected. This selected letter is called the "SET

Challenging station: Set letter Mixe Foxtrot.
Reply: Delta.

Numbers are enciphered one digit at a time. A ciphertext letter is chosen from the
selected row (the row designated by the SET LETTER) in the column under the plain
text digit. If the digit occurs more than once in the number, the coder is instructed to
choose a different letter in the same column. All the digits in a single plaintext
number are encoded from the same row.

Example (for Set Letter Mike Foxtrot):
Challenging station: Set number Golf Mike Sierra Tango Hotel
Deciphered number: 2 4 6 6 2

This is here I don't get it

So as far I've understood the first part, we select D as the selected Letter.
But if I look at the D row the :
Set number Golf Mike Sierra Tango Hotel

Rather deciphered into : 7 0 3 2 8

2 4 6 6 2 come directly from the first row (without any selected letter) ...

Not sure how it works
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Sorry for my late reply, I've been away for some time.

So: the first part indeed is easier, Mike is the letter in the vertical column (so first horizontal letters would be CLUR). Then you look for letter F in that row (for Foxtrot). It is in the MN column, and says FD. You choose the letter immediately next to Foxtrot, so you have Delta.

Now the second part. If you are told Set Letter Mike Foxtrot for numbers, you do the same as above, but then use the first row with numbers directly BELOW the chosen Set Letter row. So in this case you will use the row between R and S. You read the letters from that red row, so you will get:
Golf = 2
Mike = 4
Sierra = 6
Tango = 6 (same field as Sierra)
Hotel = 2

Hope this helps!
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