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Default Heatblur on SATAL Twitch livestream tomorrow! Giveaway and Tomcat update! (9/8/2018)

As the title says, Heatblur will be on tomorrow to both update us on the Tomcat and to give a module away to a viewer. This module can be any module that Heatblur offers including the Tomcat. The giveaway will be taking place tomorrow, September 8th following the SATAL match between TAW and CNF at 1300z. If you are unfamiliar with Zulu time click here to see what time it is locally.

The giveaway will use the following format. Participants will be notified of a keyword needed to enter the giveaway at some point during the live broadcast. This could happen at any time. You MUST have this keyword in order to enter.

For those that don't know, SATAL is a squadron league that pits the very best pilots in DCS World against one another. This league has run from February to October with 1 match a week. This weekends matchup is between TAW and CNF. If this is not something you have watched before I would highly recommend you check it out. If you want to see rules and what SATAL is, take a look at the ED forums thread. If you want to see stats for individuals and teams as well as schedules for past and upcoming matches check out Splash One Gaming's The Merge.

ED Forums

Splash One Gaming's The Merge

This weekends, as well as all past and future streams, will be taking place on both Twitch. There will also be a live Tacview that you will be able to view on the DCSWorldEvents sister stream, DCSWorldEvents2.

Twitch Main

Twitch Tacview
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And they're live!

Very professional setup!

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