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Originally Posted by Lunatic98 View Post

It's be like saying, I really like the AV-8B and all, but not having A-A radar is an inconvenience, option please?

As for options with auto rudder for takeoff assistance, near enough all of us (I imagine have sticks) but a few of us (most? some? throw me a bone here) don't have pedals and have fairly lackluster yaw control, and for some WWII birds are a pain in the backside to take off even with pedals, let alone with a twisting joystick.

I don't personally use it, but to me adding trim would be kind-of like giving aircraft easy mode flight characteristics, or more convenient radars, or weapons.
That would be moral equivalency fallacy. No its not the same as Av8b lack of radar or giving it more potent missiles.. AS already demonstrated the pitch down is abnormal, and there is in fact was an option to adjust horizontal and vertical stabilizers on the ground pre flight.

Originally Posted by ACG_IronJockel View Post
nor is trim any kind of must have for a plane.
If I fly a plane and it behaves like that, then for me yes it is a must have.



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