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Originally Posted by fjacobsen View Post
It´s nice to see na I-16 in DCS, but there is no suitable advesaries.
The high-fidelity nature of DCS means (amongst many other things) that the developers really must have a passion for the aircraft to give it the level of attention needed to bring it to fruition. This in turn results in a collection of those aircraft that appeal to the developers and that can get financed. It is inevitable that there will be some "outliers" which don't form part of a set to the minds of certain players.

Then, the community has been asking for the Eastern Front for a long time. The first aircraft for that theatre is, by definition, going to be without an adversary.

Many other aircraft in DCS are without adversaries (or at least were, when they first came out). The first DCS warbird, obviously, was one.

Not every aircraft needs to have an adversary to make it an enjoyable model. Yak-52 for example.

With that all said, it strikes me that in the meantime, the best adversary for the I-16 is... another I-16. With the skins implemented, we have:

  • Finland vs Soviet Union
  • Nationalist Spain vs Republican Spain

and, hopefully one day...

Originally Posted by fjacobsen View Post
So in DCS is not alot of dogfighting to do with an I-16 other than present Yourself as a target - {...}

That's not what the Cristen Eagle II pilots are saying about the I-16.
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