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Default New player with two questions. Modifiers and Camera modes

hey, i just bought dcs and am in the process of binding buttons when i came a cross some things i am uncertain of. and was hoping some one here could explain.

So the modifiers i get, to multiply the buttons or keys available. but if i want to use it on my hotas i have to accept that all other keys are not working while holding this modifier key down, whether that be physical or having a modifier switch. am i correct here ?

Is there no way of having the modifier only change buttons with a modifier attached to it, or is there another setting that can be used in this case that i am not aware of?

Now to the camera controls, i just want to know whats the difference between normal and absolute camera modes?
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David OC
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I only use the modifier on the throttle (You can add a joystick button to each profile). I only use this for a few things and on the same keys for many aircraft to keep it simple as possible.

Flaps, gear, air to air, air to ground etc.

I only use the modifier(Button hold) not switch.

You can remap the other keys you don't change, so they do the same thing with the modifier (Button hold). That would mess me up tho.

Would rather it simple.

Also welcome to the forum Raptire, Have you got a HOTAS (Stick and throttle?) I highly recommend it, so you can start learning with muscle memory. Switching controls takes a bit to relearn.

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hey, thanks man, and thank you for the welcome

yes i bought a virpil throttle and a vkb mcg stick. so i'm hopefully set up in that regards for a long time

And that was where i had the issues.
i wanted to have a button on my joystick as modifier so i can change the function of some of the buttons on my throttle, like an AA or AG "Modes", and this would be better as a switch modifier.
But as long as this modifier is enabled all other buttons gets attached with that modifier, like RNG +/- ELV +/-.
And as far as i found out i the only way of making this work is to use a 3rd party software "like joystic Gremlin".

I am aware that you can use internal "shift" functions within the virpil and vkb software, but those do not cross over. So i was hoping that DCS would bride those devices.
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Originally Posted by Raptire View Post
And as far as i found out i the only way of making this work is to use a 3rd party software
I think that's the only way to go.
If you want to do stuff within DCS, you can use DX buttons (independent from your other input) for those actions that need longer input (like opening or closing speedsbrakes so you can set them in a desired position) and use the regular inputs with modifier for those inputs where you only need a short "one time" (like a pulse) input.
But software like Joystick Gremlin offers you a lot more flexibility then you can get out of native DCS.
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You could also program your modifier button on the stick to function like a toggle(on/off) button and still use the ingame modifier solution to bind it. The difference would be that through your joystick software the button is setup as an on/off toggle, so the modifier would be pressed until you press it again. At least its possible with my target software from thrustmaster so i think it should be possible also with the vkb software. When you set the modifier in DCS it doesn't care on which device the button is located. I use my 3 buttons on the twcs throttle as modifiers for the throttle hats and also on buttons and the hat on my ms ffb2 stick. But i have to press 2, 3 or 4 buttons at the same time

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camera, modifiers

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