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Default What are the essential MODs 2017?

I'm sorry if I'm opening a thread that actually already exists, but it is not easy to find information about mods that is not very old and probably outdated, as DCS is evolving over time.
I read several threads and found that a lot of mods are not really essential anymore, as things where improved in DCS, that vanilla is good enough.
So, is there a list of mods hidden in this forum somewhere that is still valid for DCS in 2017?
Should we start a new one, or update an existing list?
Or, are mods no longer needed?

P.S. I'm flying in the Oculus Rift. This might make some mods more important and others less important for me. The only mods I currently use, are alternative textures to the terrain of the black see. Still not sure if they are really that much better than vanilla to be honest.
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Here is a great video by Tyger showcasing the terrain mods available for DCS.

Its a great way of choosing the one you like best without having to try them all individually


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Thanks Maverick I knew that video and there was another one. Still all of them have prod and cons, so it is not so easy to pic the one that is best suited for all kind of locations and situations.

But I was more hoping for someone to point me to a thread in this forum that has a list of mods that everybody is using. The must have mods. I did not want to start a new thread that lists all of them, unless of course this kind of thread actually doe not exist.
Or, that people write that mods are actually not used anymore.
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There is and will be no such list for simple reason - aircraft and missions people fly. For example, I own and fly only anything from WWII birds up to MiG-21, with a bit of Mi-8 as an odd exception, so all numerous modern weapon/cockpit/AI ground unit mods which are an absolute "must have" for modern jet/helo pilots are at the same time absolutely irrelevant and unknown to me . Then there's also a problem of some mods not working correctly online - again, I don't give a damn about it because I'm offliner only, but for the others that will be a showstopper.

The only "universal" mods most folks use are terrain texture packs, but even choice of these is strictly subjective, depending on visual preferences vs fps hit they cause on various PC configs.
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Mostly As Art-J said, but even the texture packs for Caucasus are going to be obsolete and moot soon when ED release the new version of it.

About the only near essential mods are the scripting extension ones (like MIST), but they're bundled with the missions, and not a per user choice.

Personally, I find the 476th's Range Pack to be a near essential mod, but only useful when I want to practice or learn aircraft A-G skills.
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