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Anybody figure out how to increase the text chat size in multiplayer, both for chat and messages of what was killed?
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ive been looking in to this as well:

basically taking the mods from his list, adding them to JSGME mod manager and see what works and what KO's my framerate.

that being said, i havent fully locked 75fps with no mods yet.

but the concept of JSGME is excellent for tweaking settings and such.
you can even make custom file swaps and easily test before and after without worrying about wrecking your install.

mod list of potentials: some could work well with VR but some may kill fps. you probably need a gtx 980+ to even consider the vram of the HD textures mods.
Mod List :

1. DCS World environmental shaders mod (

2. Ground Texture Mod Version 3.0 ( )

3. DCS Building HD overhaul (

4. DCS World Cloud Shadow Shader Mod (

5. More Visibility (

6. Skin Mods(Su27 grey Cockpit) (

Best Part :

5. Sweet Fx 1.5 ( )
Really Nice settings :
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Not sure what's going on but when I try to change the parameters in, there is no change in the game. The opacity of the rectangle stays the same and font stays the same.... What could I be doing wrong?
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