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I have to say that I haven't bought this module yet, so any comments are from RL manuals, or from "That other well known F-16 simulator" that we must not name here.

Just been on it to check some things regarding fuel flow and nozzle position / AB. Figures are approximate and can vary depening on temp, alt & other factors. The Throttle is only asking the fuel system to do what you want, but it can in some cases alter the actual end result.

A clean F-16 flying at full Mil power, 20k Alt, around 450 Knots (Calibrated - CAS) These figures come from and older 2 seat A Model, Block 15, with a PW Engine rather than a GE, so they are for a slightly lower performance engine.
Throttle at Mil, has a nozzle pos of about 5%, Fuel flow of 9600pph, speed around Mach 0.95. RPM of 98% and FTIT of 900.
The last 2 figures should not change greatly during full AB use.

Full AB has a nozzle position of about 95%, Fuel Flow of 53 to 60 pph (it takes a long time to settle). Speed around Mach 1.35.
Just for good measure, I tried a Block50, with 2x370Gallon tanks. Max Mach with tanks about 1.2, Fuel flow at Max AB more like 75000pph, Nozzles never went higher than 65% with tanks. Mach 1.4 without tanks (pylons remaining).

Interestingly the unnamable other sim, lists things like drag factor in the loadout panel. A completely clean Block 50 F-16 scores 1.0 fror drag factor. Adding 2 Aim120B puts it at 9.0, and a further addition of the 2x 370 gallon tanks raises it to 77.0, add a couple of Aim-9s and up it goes to 89.0 Trying to get much above Mach 1 with any loadout, before you run out of fuel seems to be a bit pointless.
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I used to play a certain unnamed sim game as well, though it was the newer one with th Balkans theater in it. I loved that one for the campaign! This flight model is definitely better, the plane is simple to just fly. I would recommend getting it to anyone. I have not sought advice on this forum before on this matter. With two bags under wings and nothing else I was unable to exceed .98 mach. Now that i am able to jettison them i can hit mach 1.0 in a dive after jettisoning the tanks with complete bare pylons. This isnt right in my opinion as this is a higher thrust engine and should have power to spare and easily hit at minimum mach 1 with ease.
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